Spain is in good luck, the current online platform, Netflix, has confirmed the production of two feature film projects in our country. The ones chosen to achieve this feat
? Denis Rovira (“El Grifo”, ​​Short Film) and David Galan Galindo (“Hostiable”, Short Film), two well-known figures within the panorama of Spanish short films.
The two short filmmakers (as well as directors, also screenwriters) would present themselves before their litmus test, given that it would be their first two feature films. A difficult obstacle to overcome in which a poor box office result can mean the end of a career, or the brilliant start of a new batch of projects.
David Victori (La Culpa, Short film) also recognized in the field of short format, also recently had the opportunity with the giant Sony, to prove his worth with “El Pacto”, 2018.

Netflix Spain: A new quarry of directors-authors
” Veronica”, by Paco Plaza (“[REC]”), has probably been one of the Spanish films that has had the best run on Netflix in the US (in Spain it did not do badly at the box office either). Hence, the platform has surely seen favorably the daring of genre filmmakers for their future film projects.
Having good evidence that the thriller and terror genre attracts the most viewers, both in theaters and on laptop screens. It is not surprising the commitment to “La Influencia”, by Denis Rovira, a horror feature film, whose plot shares similarities with “Rebecca”, by Hitchcock (1940) or with more recent films such as “Musaranas” by Esteban Roel and Juanfer Andres (2014).
Hence, we are not surprised, in terms of genre, by the two feature film projects that Netflix has decided to support, by two very particular filmmakers and that we will get to know below.

Horror and Thriller: ‘The Influence’ and ‘Secret Origins’
This feature debut by Rovira tells of a leading trio of height: Emma Suarez (“7 reasons to flee”), Manuela Velles (“Alegria Tristeza”) and Maggie Civantos (“Vis a Vis”, TV Series).
In the case of Galindo, his first film, “Secret Origins”, would be a police thriller that would delve into a series of peculiar murders in which a policeman with the help of a comic book store clerk would try to unravel them, because the crimes have some relationship with vignettes from classic comics.
Recent references to this film
It seems that MN Shymalan with his “Glass”, 2018, is quite present as the main influence and it is inevitable to also see a close similarity with the plot line of “Se7en”, by David Fincher (1995).
Leading the cast would be an actor who is always solvent in whatever they throw at him, Leonardo Sbaraglia (“Pain and glory”), a really versatile actor who always takes risks in each new movie in which he gets involved and co-starring Javi Rey (“Farina” , TV Series) and Bray Efes (“Paquita Salas”, TV Series).

Release dates
“La Influencia” is in the production phase and will be released before the end of 2019, while “Origins Secretos” does not yet have a release date, because it is in pre-production, but we can predict That won’t be until 2020 .
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