Among the most successful survival video games, those in which countless hordes of zombies want to finish us off, are a guaranteed bet for lovers of adrenaline. Most of these titles are considered the best zombie games for PC, valued as real gems by the great gamer public , eager for plots full of tension just like the undead are with necks to sink their teeth into.

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The 10 best zombie games for PC
Load your weapons, aim, shoot and prepare to flee if things get ugly, because in these zombie games, YOU are the prey:

10. Call of Duty: World at War (Nazi Zombies ) (2008)
This saga has always been known for its war shooters, but with this expansion of the fifth installment, the creators gave a 180 degree turn to the franchise that fans applauded fervently.
We are still in World War II, but this time the enemy will be legions of tireless Nazi zombies(as in that 2009 Norwegian movie and its sequel), whose constant attacks we will have to try to resist, although we will have it more and more complicated: as we finish off the undead of the Third Reich, the difficulty of the attacks will increase…

9. Dead Island (2011)
There are times when the fight for our kind can come at the most inopportune time. This is precisely what the ingenious proposal of Dead Island promises: it takes us to Royal Palms Resort, a fictional hotel complex on a paradisiacal island in Papua New Guinea. Overnight, this idyllic paradise becomes the setting for an atypical survival horror in zombie killing games .
Players will have to sharpen their wits by making homemade weapons, to fight hand-to-hand against the undead, instead of providing us with firearms from minute 1. In addition, we can choose if we want to play individually or in a group (up to a maximum of 4 participants), thanks to its cooperative mode.

8. Dead Rising (2006)
Available on Steam and with a premise very similar to George A. Romero’s Zombie (1978), Dead Rising is one of the zombie games for PC that takes itself less seriously ; and this is precisely where its originality lies.
Frank West is a photojournalist sent to Colorado to cover the news of an outbreak that has infected the population of the place, forcing the National Guard to declare the area in preventive quarantine. The correspondent gets off the helicopter on the roof of a shopping center, where he will meet a small group of survivors. Together with them, we will have to face the undead with every object that we find in our path.
We’ve already warned you: you’ve never seen as many undead together as in Dead Rising, so you better hide as much as you can and, if not, you better run.

7.The Walking Dead: The Game (2012)
Based on the popular television series that adapts the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, just when it seemed that the fever for zombie killing games could not give more of itself, the small company Telltale Games launched this video game on the market framed in the same post-apocalyptic scenario than fiction .
With a peculiar aesthetic where the contours are drawn with very marked lines (thus seeking similarity with the original comic), The Walking Dead: The Game shows us that there are still zombie games for PC capable of capturing the viewer and creating an atmosphere unhealthy comparable (and capable of surpassing in some sections) the original work.

6. Dying Light (2015)
From the same creators who brought us Dead Island comes Dying Light, a harrowing game full of frenzy. This subjective experience will not give us any respite even during daylight hours, as the undead will also lie in wait for us in broad daylight. However, the worst will come when it gets dark, which is when they become much more aggressive…
Although it seems to suffer from the weaknesses that afflicted its predecessor (a slightly catchy plot), every flaw we can find in Dying Light It is compensated with fast-paced parkour-style chases across rooftops and other unthinkable places , providing an extra thrill that elevates it to one of the best zombie games.

5. DayZ (2013)
The zombie apocalypse has reached Chernarus, a small country that was part of the great Soviet Union. There, the few survivors fight over the scarce resources that remain (water, food and medicine), in addition to trying to survive in this hostile place where there are no friends or alliances.
DayZ mixes the multiplayer options, allowing several users to connect in the same scenario, where they will have to stay alive as long as possible. We are facing one of the most original zombie killing games, where we will not only have to avoid becoming the next prey of the undead, but we will also have to protect the few resources that we have left from the other redoubts of humans. To achieve this, we will have all kinds of weapons and vehicles in each scenario.

4. House of the Dead (1998)
Another of the most prolific video game series, whose origin dates back to the late nineties. In this first House of the Dead, we will fight against the delusions of the alienated Dr. Curien, a geneticist who has created a race of modified zombies with which he plans to conquer modern civilization. However, two special agents are sent to put an end to the plans of this madman and, incidentally, rescue the wife of one of them, a prisoner in his enormous mansion-laboratory.
Once inside the facilities, the most unexpected horrors await Rogan and “G”, because the good doctor has prepared a few surprises for them .in one of the best zombie games for PC of all time.

3. Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a pulse (2005)
Speaking of the best zombie games does not mean that they necessarily have to always be located on the human side, does
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse represent a return of nut to the concept of a video game set in the middle of the undead epidemic, where now the main character is one of these beings from beyond the grave, who has come back to life hungry for human flesh.
Stubbs will be the rotten protagonist of this nostalgic story of the 50s B-series movies, in which his goal will be to infect as many humans as he can,to create a zombie army that is at your entire disposal and that is responsible for spreading the infection to all the corners in which we move.

2. Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)
As in many other shooters we have seen, we brought back the subjective perspective to guarantee the most realistic and immersive perspective. Left 4 Dead 2 repeats the formula of the first part, but expanding the map in which the action takes place , thus improving one of the most unfavorable points of its predecessor and making it one of the best zombie games for PC, both for single or multiplayer mode.
We return to have part of the main cast of the previous game, whose mission will be to cross the entire southern United States on foot, which, how could it be otherwise, is infested with undead of all kinds.

1. Resident Evil 2 (1998)
The best installment of the franchise that laid the foundations for what would come later in other zombie video games, it presented us with the essential ingredients that are required of this type of entertainment : chills and the feeling of a threat budding always present.
Seasoned with a soundtrack that takes us back to the classic horror movies of the 80s, Capcom’s sequel far exceeds the original and is a classic.that deserves to be reviewed again and again. While we wait for the remake to arrive for PC and other platforms, we can enjoy the added charm of what many consider to be the best of all zombie killing games for PC.