Reading your horoscope every now and then is enjoyable for everyone, even for the most skeptical. A simple peek at astral predictions, sooner or later, it happens to everyone everyone to give it.

Usually in newspapers and specialized magazines you can find forecasts on the future of work and affection, or you can read couple horoscopes that explain the affinities in love between the different zodiac signs.

There is a type of horoscope, however, that is never taken into consideration: the one about one’s friendships. In fact, as in love, finding the best friend is also a question of zodiac signs .

This type of coupling is regularly neglected but in this article we will reveal all the zodiacal affinities . Let’s find out together which are the zodiac signs that get along best:

12) Aries

Those born with this sign are used to living against the tide of most people and are also known for their great ambitions . Aries is also one of the most exuberant , creative and spontaneous signs of the 12 zodiac signs. And it is because of this too much spontaneity that he often acts on impulse and blatantly wrong. However, her best friend Libra will be ready to stop her before she really overdoes it or takes a risky step. A truly perfect couple, because Aries’ impatience will be appeased by tranquilityof the trusted friend of the sign of Libra .

11) Toro

Bull damsels are known for their stubbornness and tenacity . This side of their personality makes them tireless and very determined workers. Those born under the sign of Taurus are oriented towards achieving the final goal and it is thanks to this determination that they manage to put themselves in a positive light . This innate competitiveness is compatible with the sign of Pisces . In fact, the latter are extremely peaceful and not at all inclined to competition. Thanks to this very quiet soul she will have no intention of starting useless discussions with a Taurus, too often irrational.

10) Gemini

The dual nature of the sign can make Gemini girls appear a little moody, but this allows them to be very flexible and to cope even in unpleasant situations. Those born under this zodiac sign are people who take life with a light heart and are able to appreciate the simplest things a lot. But in addition to these beautiful qualities, Gemini often withdraw into their dark corner and it is difficult to understand what is on their mind. For this reason, the best compatibility will be obtained with an Aquarius . Only a best friend of this sign will be able to leave the right space without getting in the way.

9) Cancer

The real goal for those born under the sign of Cancer is to be fulfilled in private life. Attached to the home they will be satisfied to spend intimate moments with the people they care most about. Cancers do not need to be under everyone’s attention, on the contrary, worldly life is not really suitable for them. Cancer girls are also a bit introverted and withdrawn and that’s why a Sagittarius friend will be the perfect match. Both are introspective signs and Sagittarius’s philosophical orientation will set off the right spark to make Cancer’s friends smile.

8) Leone

Those born under the sign of Leo are among the most dominant personalities among the signs of the zodiac. Charismatic and oriented to be successful, they are very strong people who manage to have power within the group of friends. This natural inclination to be top of the class can sometimes result in pompous attitudes, but Capricorn ‘s selfless friendship will be able to bring everything back into balance .

7) Virgo

Virgo women are people with great understanding and that is why they often take the side of the weakest and most defenseless. Those born under this sign are very charming and gifted with great conversation skills which also helps them make new friends. In addition, they are people who are able to get along with temperamental and capricious personalities and temperaments , so they will have no problem having a friend of the sign of Aries .

6) Libra

Libra women are personalities with a keen sense of beauty . They adore everything that represents a refined and sophisticated taste. This particular inclination is in any case in balance and harmony with the rest of the world, without making it seem like a snob. Libra will therefore be very attracted to strong and elegant personalities and her best friend will be of the sign of Leo who, not surprisingly, has a royal bearing.

5) Scorpio

Scorpio women are personalities endowed with a very mysterious charm compared to the other signs they hardly show in public. They love to cultivate secret passions but don’t like spending too much time alone. If neglected by their friends, the scorpions could become really bad . The most popular personalities are those similar to theirs . In fact, with the friend Aquarius , equally discreet, the pairing will be perfect and lasting .

4) Sagittarius

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are oriented towards achieving professional and family fulfillment . With a very fiery personality, they do not like to surround themselves with frivolous people or waste time on trivial things. Very strong and tenacious , they do not break down even after hard falls and will find the perfect friend in the sign of Capricorn . In fact, the personalities of this sign of the zodiac are careful in weighing each situation , always bringing accurate assessments and order.

3) Capricorn

Capricorn girls are endowed with great intellect and very careful to organize everything down to the smallest detail. You will hardly find an unprepared Capricorn, they are attentive and meticulous personalities who, however, do not live very well the criticisms of friends but do not pull back in time of need. Capricorns are a little too touchy and hate being wrong about even the most trivial matters. This systematic character will surely make him appreciate the intense personality of the Sagittarius . The friendship between these two zodiac signs is a benefit for both that can last for a long time.

2) Aquarius

Those born under this sign are very simple personalities and do not require special attention from others. Aquarius are very quiet women, perhaps too quiet. In fact, they often become lazy and tend to withdraw into themselves for a long time. The perfect affinity will be with a friend of the sign of Taurus who, despite her stubborn personality, in friendship with her proves to be true and always ready to wipe away tears.

1) Pesci

Women born under the sign of Pisces can seem simple and unpretentious. In reality, they are people who are very interested in the wisest personalities and who are able to teach something fruit of experience. They are friends you can always count on but all too charitable. A Scorpio friend will help her defend herself from evil intentions and will be her best friend forever.