What woman has never dreamed of receiving an engagement ring ? What girl has never imagined her boyfriend kneeling and saying the fateful words ” will you marry me “? I think it happened to all of them sooner or later. The beautiful tales of “… and they lived happily ever after” created in us the stereotype of the charming prince , who on his white horse takes us and takes us away to lead us to a happy life… without forgetting the ring. But why is the engagement ring so important? It is cataloged as the symbol of the promise of marriage : a token of love that the future bridegroom will give to her beloved one in view of the wedding .


In the past, in many civilizations, would-be boyfriends offered an apple to the chosen girl as a declaration of love , while the ring was the most demanding gift, a symbol of the promise of marriage: for the Visigoths and the Germans, for example, it had the value of nuptial contract . The tradition of giving a diamond as an engagement ring dates back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Maria of Burgundy a gold ring topped by a brilliantas a promise of marriage. This royal custom has remained alive over the centuries and just think that today about 70% of future brides receive a diamond as an engagement ring. The diamond has a particular meaning in the etymology of the word, which derives from the Greek ” adamas ” and means ” indomitable, invincible “. It is the hardest and most resistant gem and is the symbol of something that lasts over time. The tradition of giving a diamond is consolidated thanks to an advertising campaign ordered by “De Beers” in 1974. This was a very successful campaign, made famous and immortal by the timeless slogan “ A diamond and forever ”. 


As previously said, the diamond represents the solidity of a relationship and continues to be, today, a symbol of eternal love, virtue and loving passion . But there are also other types of precious stones to be set in an engagement ring, each linked to a different meaning:

  • Ruby : tells the passion of an ardent love;
  • Sapphire : and symbol of loyalty;
  • Emerald : and symbol of hope;
  • Aquamarine : indicates the wish for a happy and lasting marriage;
  • Beryl : suggests the strength of the bond of love;
  • Opal – represents sincere love;


The models for the most popular diamond engagement ring right now are:

  • Brilliant cut;
  • Princess cut;
  • Emerald cut;
  • Heart cut;
  • Marquise cut;

The most famous diamond settings are:

  • Bezel setting , used for round and oval diamonds;
  • Recessed mounting , which favors a good protection of the stone;
  • Rail mount , which is suitable for small diamonds;
  • Bar mount , leaves the sides of the diamond uncovered;
  • Pave setting , it does not let you see the metal, but only the diamonds;
  • Prong setting , the most used for diamond solitaire rings;


Hence, the engagement ring is an eternal promise. “ Diamanti Antwerp ” knows it well , which can help you in choosing your “ diamond dream ”. This is a company that creates personalized jewelry with diamonds and in creating its jewel, takes into account two fundamental factors: international certifications (the international certification indicates the value of the diamond and is issued by important international institutes, the GIA, the IGI and the Johannesburg Diamond Exchange) and the ” 4C “, which correspond to:

  1. Cut : round, brilliant, heart, princess, emerald, drop, radiant. They fit everyone to various types of jewelry.
  2. Clarity : the rarer and more expensive a diamond is the more it is free of external agents, visible with a ten-magnification lens.
  3. Weight : measured in carats. One carat is equal to 0.200 grams.
  4. Color : gemologists select “ top selection ” diamonds with colors from D to G for the creation of the jewels.

At “Diamanti Anversa” your ring can be personalized with diamonds and mounted according to your preferences. If you are looking for a solitaire diamond ring or a trilogy ring with diamonds , you can choose the type of cut and setting , fundamental characteristics that determine the brilliance of the stone .

Ask the Gemologists of Diamanti Anversa for advice, who will guide you in choosing a GIA or IGI certified diamond, involving you in the creation of your personalized jewel .


In conclusion, the engagement ring is primarily an act of love, but also a commitment on the part of the future groom to take care of his bride. So when you have to get married, remember a very famous saying that goes like this: Under three carats it is not true love! “.