The meaning of life is one of the great unknowns of the human being . Surely there will be as many senses as thinking minds that think about it. Perhaps the meaning of life is precisely to give meaning to the individual life that you have had to live, which is totally different from the rest of mortals.
For a better reflection on the subject we can turn to the enormous film library that human beings have built. Hundreds of movies show the meaning of life (if it has one), some of them can fit more or less with the tastes of those who see them ; but only a few deserve to appear on this list.

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As we have said, the meaning of life is something unique and non-transferable, the best we can do is reflect on our life and where we want to go, although we should not get overwhelmed if we do not find answers , maybe it is not the time yet.

This selection has a personal part , since each one can find the meaning of life in something totally different from the rest of the people, but without a doubt, these films show the meaning of life for their protagonists, or at least they will make them reflect on she. Now all you have to do is let yourself be carried away by doubts to see what you discover.

12. Amelie (2001)
Suitable for all audiences, times and cultures, this now classic film tells the story of ayoung man who loves to help others.
In this movie we will be shown the meaning of life relating it to altruism and social relationships as a process to achieve well-being and vital meaning.

11. The Seventh Seal (1957)
One of the greatest cult movies. It probably hosts the most famous chess game on television , after the duel of the titans between Kasparov vs Karpov.
The difference between this chess game and that of the two great chess players mentioned, is that this first one is between death and a knight who has fought in the Crusades. The dialogues will show some of the meanings of life and will make you reflect on all of it in its fullness.

10. American Beauty (1999)
The crisis of the forties was never better brought to the big screen than with this great classic of cinema.
Our protagonist, played by Kevin Spacey, portrays the typical man tired of his work and his wife , but everything changes when he meets an attractive woman. Or should we say nina, since she is friends with her daughter.
In this movie we are shown the meaning of life through a man who has completely lost his way. Or at least, it will show the viewer where the protagonist believes he has found meaning .

9. A True Story (1999)
Probably the only “normal” David Lynch movie. In this emotional film where more than one will end up crying, we finda very old man who decides to travel 500 km to see his brother who is dying , even though they had not spoken to each other for 10 years.
The grace of the story is that he will have to make this long trip riding his lawnmower and going through all kinds of places that will show us the meaning of life, both to us and to him.

8. The possible lives of Mr. Nobody (2009)
Discovering the meaning of life is often linked to reflecting on it and reflecting on the different paths we have chosen , at the same time that we have abandoned others.
We don’t know for sure if this movie shows the meaning of life, but what it does is show you that it depends on the decisions you make.

7. Anomalisa (2015)
One of the favorite movies on this server. The only one on the animation list created with the stop-motion technique , but only for adults. Not because images with a high content of violence or sex are shown, but because of their crudeness and complexity.
Anomalisa brings us an unbeatable reflection on the meaning of life thanks to her character , a renowned motivational coach who, the more he helps people, the more monotonous his life becomes, to the point that he ends up listening to everyone with the same voice and seeing them with the same face (literally).
One of the most distressing movies you’ll see but also one that will show you the meaning of life without practically pretending to.

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6. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring (2003)
This Korean film with its particular title also stands out for its also particular structure. A story of cyclical hues describes in a simple and beautiful way the vital learning that all human beings experience throughout their lives.
A film that will help enormously to see what is the meaning of life, as long as you capture the metaphors it hides.

5. Melancolia (2011)
A film full of strength at the level of photography, hides a reflection that few perceive. The film is divided into two opposite parts.
The first part shows a protagonist who is not ready to live her beautiful and idyllic life. The second part, our protagonist is discovered in all her splendor showing that she is prepared like no one for death . And we say like nobody because all the inhabitants of the Earth are going to die.

4. Farewells (2008)
This film belonging to the drama, shows us through the hopeless life of Daigo, an unemployed cellist who is forced to change the cello for the undertaker’s shovel .
The existential and philosophical reflections are more than served with this plot.

3. Trapped in Time (1993)
A classic that many will know for showing an American half lost in a life full of half-fulfilled goals and superficial dreams.

A simple and clear plot although in some distressing moments since we may identify with that monotony that the protagonist experiences.
With the help of this inexplicable paranormal event, the film shows us that the meaning of life lies in the relationship we establish with others.

2. Koyaanisqatsi (1982)
This unique and special documentary/film is actually part of a trilogy , since years later Powaqqatsi (1988) and Naqoyqatsi (2002) came out.
The fact that so many years have passed between each installment already warns us of the peculiarity of this trilogy.
Difficult movies to watch for eyes accustomed to blockbuster films, since they are a succession of images accompanied by a minimalist soundtrack by the incredible Philip Glass .
The theme of the documentary: the collision between the social, technological and human world that we have built with the natural world and environment of the earth. Where are we going in such a hurry

? 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
One of the classics of cinema and probably one of the most cited films of all time in critics and rankings.

A vision of the human species that will make you reflect on the origin and the path we have followed . A movie that you should see sooner or later if you want to consider yourself a movie buff. Little more can be said about this masterpiece without revealing part of the plot and the great surprises it hides. Some difficult to grasp at first sight, but that will make you reflect on the meaning of life.

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