One thinks of Christmas and immediately comes to mind red, the color of the party and the warmth of a lit fireplace. Almost all Christmas dresses recall the red, or the white or the gold of the festoons, but this Christmas 2021 is a little different , a little special from a fashion style point of view. In fact, in the winter of this year, many cold colors also dominate , such as blue and green, and they too must be included in the outfits of the party. What ideas to choose to make a good impression under the tree this year?

In this new post edited we have decided to present you some proposals for women’s and men’s Christmas outfits! We know perfectly well that both women and men always choose the clothes to wear in a hurry and never know what to wear on this day of celebration.

Precisely for this reason, we have decided to write this in-depth study. Read on to discover all our tips, starting with the women’s Christmas outfit.

Female Christmas outfit

For this special occasion we have decided to opt for something elegant but also comfortable and that makes you feel at ease, which is the most important thing in choosing the Christmas look. 

Dare and choose a red pleated metallic skirt, which will make your look bold and original. It is a very comfortable item of clothing but at the same time that does not go unnoticed and certainly everyone will be amazed by its particularity. The skirt should not be too short but medium length is preferable to make you feel even more comfortable and to avoid road accidents when you sit down.

For the upper part,  a black body slightly sheer on the sleeves is ideal, because it highlights all the body shapes but is not exaggeratedly uncovered. If you are not convinced by the leotards with long sleeves, you can also opt for the leotard with thin straps.

Outerwear can never be missing, especially in the freezing months like December! Since we opted for the pleated skirt for the lower part, here we have to combine a short fur (preferably ecological) in white or black. Instead, avoid bright colors because the color of the skirt will not go unnoticed. For this outfit it is better to opt for a resealable fur , for example with buttons or a zipper.

The most suitable shoes for this skirt are heels,  which can also be pointed. In this case it is preferable that they are black. Avoid combining them with socks that are not suitable, especially the flesh-colored ones, which have now gone out of fashion for years.

The bag is a fundamental accessory in this Christmas outfit. It is advisable to choose a small one with a jewel handle or a shoulder bag . As a color, you can opt for both red and black.

As for jewels, you have to be flashy on Christmas day, so it’s best to be daring. Elegant would be a necklace full of glitter and a pair of long earrings, which enhance the face.

If you like bracelets, the ones with pendants are nicer. As for the rings, it is better if they are basic and not too flashy. In this case, the sets of rings would be for you.

Alternative Christmas outfit for her

In addition to the classic red suits, this year try to combine black with green or blue. Imagine a black sweater paired with socks and shoes of the same color, all broken up by a long velvet skirt – or pleated – forest-colored, or aqua green. Or, alternatively, a mini with a Scottish design , but not necessarily on a red background, perhaps on an original blue background.

If you like a less demanding Christmas, choose an outfit that includes Denim jeans, and perhaps over a white sweater and a jacket with warm colors (red, burgundy, purple). Brightly colored Mexican poncho-like capes can be a great substitute for traditional coats or jackets.

For an elegant outfit, on the contrary, enhance yourself with sequins or with golden and white garments . A golden or silver top, combined with long white trousers, is a happy choice that can be replaced, eventually, with red sweater or sequins. A nice long dress will look good in both white and red.

Male Christmas outfit

For the men’s Christmas outfit, also in this case we opt for something classic. For the top, it is advisable to wear a turtleneck sweater or turtleneck.

The choice of color is very subjective: you can prefer neutral or even brighter colors such as red, or geometric shapes such as rhombuses or patterns that recall Christmas.

For the bottom, a classic and preferably tight-fitting trousers would be ideal . In fact, this type of garment greatly slims the figure and will give a touch of class to your Christmas look. If you have chosen a red sweater / turtleneck, the trousers should be black or neutral. If, on the other hand, for the upper part you have preferred shades of white or beige, a burgundy or dark brown trousers is more suitable.

The choice of shoes is essential for the success of this Christmas outfit . Precisely for this reason, classic shoes in the color that best suits the previous combinations are a must.

As outerwear, long jackets are very elegant, perhaps beige or black. You can also wear an elegant hat and a scarf of the same color as the jacket. To give your look an extra touch, wear an elegant watch and that’s it!

Alternative Christmas outfit for him

Red is banned from the man’s Christmas look in 2021 if you are looking for something new . The proposals concern an elegant version that enhances colors such as white, silver gray and dark gray. For example: white or light blue shirt over dark gray trousers to be completed with sweaters – or cardigans – that recall gray and a dark coat, even black, on the whole outfit.

The more casual idea, on the other hand, sees the man with black trousers (Denim is fine too), a forest green wool sweater, or alternatively blue , and an associated wide scarf that recalls the color, at least in part. On all black jackets or coats, or the newly rediscovered Bomber , which goes well with a “metallic” effect even if it borders on the sporty one. A more original look can be composed of elegant gray trousers, a warm-colored sweater (but a nice pink is fine too!) With a leather jacket on top, always black

The camel color that dominates men’s fashion for winter 2021-22 , in the case of the Christmas look, must be flaunted with discretion. It goes well on a sweater, or scarf, to be combined with any jackets or coats of the same color. A little less in the trousers version! The hats suitable for Christmas evenings, for him, are the hoods. Even on an elegant outfit, a trendy hood, in the same color as the rest of the clothing, does not clash and indeed contributes to giving the whole an air of extravagance that is precisely the brand of winter 2022 fashion.

Multicultural glamorous boyfriends and girlfriends in santa hats with champagne on new year party