What to give on Valentine’s Day: 5 ideas for your special gift

We are now close to the day par excellence dedicated to lovers: February 14 and in fact Valentine’s Day ! As per tradition, all couples are already planning their day together, between pampering, Perugian kisses and lots of love. But like every year a thought assails us: what to give on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day gift idea number 1: a romantic journey

The first gift idea for Valentine’s Day that we propose is a romantic trip. What could be better than celebrating this day with your soul mate, cuddling yourself in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or strolling romantically along the banks of the Thames , or letting yourself go to the whirlwind of passion on a gondola in Venice? A journey and a fantastic experience that will leave her happy and show her your love.

Valentine’s Day gift idea number 2: an intimate outfit

Our second gift idea is more ” daring ” than the previous one, but no less important and romantic: giving an intimate outfit to your partner. If traveling is a fantastic experience to live together, a sexy lingerie set can stimulate your senses even more: sight and touch will thank you and you can experience a night of passion with your goddess of love. To give an intimate outfit, you can rely on several famous brands in the sector, and in this case we recommend the online catalog of underwear on Upim where you can find the right inspiration and the perfect garment that adapts to your partner’s preferences.

Gift idea number 3: a jewel

For the gift idea number 3 we rely on an object that never goes out of fashion and always at the top of women’s preferences: a jewel. This will represent the maximum expression of your love, which she will be able to show off in every useful occasion and brag about it with her friends. Whether it’s a diamond ring or a heart-shaped pendant or (for the most romantic) a coordinated bracelet to wear together , there is nothing more beautiful than giving a jewel to the ” jewel ” of your life. .

Gift idea number 4 for your “technological” girlfriend: an Apple device with personalized engraving

Is your girlfriend hyper-tech? Do you want to give him something that has value and that shows your love but at the same time be “concrete” in your gift?

Well an Apple device with custom laser engraving is the one for you! In fact, by ordering your product on the Apple website, such as an i-Phone, iPad, you can have a romantic phrase engraved on the body of the device.

Tip:  Make a commitment to think of a meaningful phrase, one that reminds you of a good experience with her or one that comes from a song she loves or a movie she has seen millions of times.

Gift idea number 5: a trendy bag or a coordinated

If your girlfriend is a fashion freak, then you can’t help but give him a bag to awaken his fashion soul! On the shoulder, by hand or over the shoulder, the important thing is that it meets her personal tastes. And if your budget allows it, a bag and matching shoes are a gift idea for your girlfriend, ideal for making her go crazy with joy!