Film script: an important part of its success

Welcome to CineMagazine, the portal dedicated to the world of cinema. In this post we will talk about: film script , that is everything related to the development phase of a creative idea destined to become a film. In fact, we all love to think of the phrase “ Ciak, si gira! “, As if from there the story that allows us to free the imagination, to identify with or distance ourselves from the protagonists of the” film“. Yet, before that “Ciak, turn it!” there is much more. Write, first of all. The writing created for the big screen is of fundamental importance because it respects the rules and takes on different characteristics compared to those of the other means of communication as well as seems to be modeled precisely on the basis of the satisfaction of the needs dictated by the film industry .

And in fact, the film script is represented by the classic script, within which, in a complete, planned and organized way, all the settings (internal / external / room) are reported in written form, a description relating to the setting of the scene. , the time slot in which the event takes place, all the events, as well as of course the main part, consisting of the dialogues.

The screenplay of a film is the beating heart of a film, as – in addition to containing the recited parts – it dictates the timing of the lines which, depending on how they are pronounced, can give one meaning or another.

A film, therefore, is the final act of an important work that takes place behind the scenes, starting with the writing. Cinema, in fact, is the synthesis of different arts which, apart from writing, also recall the creativity, acting and interpretation of the film itself, or rather to the transmission of a message, a content that – in the objectives of the screenwriter – must communicate to the recipients what he means, with the same intensity as the idea itself was conceived.

The screenwriter: the key figure for the success of the film

That of the screenwriter is a real art, which is mainly expressed with creativity. Of course, it would be simplistic to think that the screenplay is limited to the creative and original force alone.

Therefore it is necessary to specify that the activity of film writing is also based on skills and professionalism that develop and also converge in the ability to:

  • optimize dialogue for the big screen;
  • to make the protagonists come to life, entrusting them with the expression of characters and personalities, difficulties, discomforts or, on the other hand, positive feelings that make the screenplay an indispensable “part”;
  • a column holding the entire cinema system;

Being a screenwriter means having talent to spare and a fantasy that allows you to break down any space-time or even mental boundaries but, also, an important academic preparation and, above all, an underlined sensitivity to interpret events and return them to the user in the form. of movies.

Writing a film script usually follows the following development stages:

  • basic idea ;
  • subject , that is the brief exposition of the story;
  • treatment , with descriptions of places, psychology of the characters and some indications of dialogue;
  • ladder , technical sequence of the scenes;
  • final script , which is usually over one hundred pages long;

Therefore, the film is nothing more than the final result of the screenplay of the film, on which its success or eventual failure also depends, because it is not enough to write well but it is necessary to create fluid, interesting and engaging dialogues that keep high, for the duration of the film, the degree of attention and concentration on the part of the viewer.

For these reasons highlighted, the screenplay can be defined as the central pivot around which the entire production phase which calls into question other professional figures then develops.

In a nutshell, speaking of “screenplay” means heading straight to the heart of cinema.