Even today, horrifying news continues to come to light about the kidnapping of girls who have been in captivity, chained in filthy basements for many years, where they have had to endure all kinds of harassment at the hands of their captors. Let us remember the infamous case of The Monster of Amstetten or, more recently, that of the young Romanian woman who lived chained in the basement of the house of the man she worked for.
Once again, we are devastated by an event of violence, torture and abuse, this time to minors. The worst thing is that, on this occasion, these humiliations have been perpetrated by the parents of these 13 victims of abuse .

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The life of the Turpins: debts and 13 children
The Turpin family is made up of David and Louise, a married couple aged 57 and 49, respectively, both fervently religious people. The prolific couple had no more and no less than 13 children , whom they educated in their religious faith, making them constantly read the Bible.
For several years, they both lived in Texas, until in 2010 they moved to California, about 95 kilometers from Los Angeles. Louise was a housewife with little income, while David was an engineer for a major aeronautical company. After the move, financial problems began to overwhelm them, making them unable to support all their offspring and declaring bankruptcy on two occasions.
According to what has transpired, the domestic expenses and the maintenance of the 13 children came out to them for about 1000 dollars each month.

A supposedly happy life
Although they were not especially given to interacting with the rest of the neighbors, the Turpin family represented the ideal paradigm of the American family ; a well-matched clan that displayed absolute happiness on social networks, posting photos of trips to Disneyland or Las Vegas, where David and Louise went to renew their wedding vows.
The theater they had set up was such that they had a section on their private Facebook page that they used as a showcase or cover to show off a dream life that really had nothing to do with it. Something that has surprised everyone is that in the snapshots (besides the coldness to feign nonexistent happiness), the 13 children pose dressed in the same clothes , as if it were some kind of uniform; and smiling. When the case is resolved we hope to have an answer as to what the purpose was.

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A school at home to keep their children from leaving
The Turpin couple managed to get the state of California to grant them permission to found a private school in their own home to teach the lessons that their offspring had to learn; instead of allowing them to go to the city school as the rest of the boys did.
In this newly created school, registered as a “Sandcastle day school”, the patriarch acted as director, being able to maintain constant control of the 13 children (the only students) and having one more excuse to avoid contact with the outside, including other minors, so that they would not reveal anything that happened behind the doors of their house. Here we show a video of ABC newspaper:
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A dungeon for the 13 children
No one could believe that the Perris house in which the Turpins resided was actually a place of torture and ill-treatment from which none of their 13 children could escape, since most of the time they remained chained to the cage. bed. It was one of the youngest daughters, 17 years old, who managed to take advantage of an oversight to phone the Police and sound the alarm about what was happening in there.
The residents of the area are shocked by the news, as they all agree that they never suspected anything: they had never heard screams, strange noises or cries that would show that the Turpin children were being mistreated and tortured within those four walls. The only thing that stood out was thathardly any of the descendants were seen leaving the house , not even to mow the lawn in the garden.
The state of the house in which they lived poorly was deplorable, since the economic debts could not be covered with the husband’s salary only, since the matriarch was unemployed. The police who went to the home described the site as “a smelly, dark and dirty dungeon”.

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13 malnourished, chained and tortured young beings
The Turpin children looked much younger than their actual age, the result of years of torture and sensory deprivation suffered, which prevented their development from taking place normally; all this added to the subhuman conditions that they were forced to endure.

The age range of these prisoners ranges from 2 to 29 years. Six of them are still minors, but the other seven are already adults, so they will be treated as such during the investigation. As soon as the police broke into their house-dungeon, everyone asked for water and food, needs that were met as soon as they arrived at the police station. They were then taken to the nearest hospitals, where they are being examined and receiving all the medical care that they undoubtedly need.
The parents face nine charges for allegations of torture and ill-treatment and another 10 for endangering the lives of their 13 children. They remain in the Robert Presley detention center , where they are being interrogated, waiting to testify before the judge.