We all remember how boring it was to go to school. The endless hours of history, Latin, philosophy, not to mention mathematics. What if they told us that there was a school where all these subjects could be learned while having fun? I guess no one would have said no.

Furthermore, as is now known, intelligence is not just one , but more than one. There are those who are good for numbers, but have difficulty memorizing and others vice versa. Who is gifted for practical subjects and has imagination and who has the gift of writing, and so on.

Did you know, for example, that the IQ you are born with is not the one that remains throughout your life? But indeed it is possible to increase it, and even decrease it in the worst cases. According to a study by the University College of London , published in the journal Nature , it can grow by as much as 21 points.

Your children may not teach them the Pythagorean theorem or solve fundamental equations, but you can start teaching them and training their brains to learn while having fun.

Let’s see together 8 tricks to teach children in a fun way and without them realizing it >>

8) Read the time

When we were little, it was a must to learn to tell the time quickly, because digital was not yet so developed. Today, on the other hand, doing it is easier, you just need to know the numbers. It is important, however, that even the so-called 2.0 children , or those born in the digital age , know how to recognize the time dictated by the hands. Collect the plastic eggs, those that contain the surprises and draw with a permanent marker, on one shell the numbers of an hour, for example: 10.20 and on the other shell the same time, but with the hands. Separate the shells and let your child play to put them together exactly.

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7) Tie your shoes

The little ones still have tear-off ones, but as they grow they have to learn to tie them themselves. And if they learn first they will make a great impression with their classmates. Take a piece of cardboard and draw the outline of two shoes. You can also place a couple of real ones and with a felt-tip pen, create the shape by turning around them. Then with the tip of a knife create some holes where the buttonholes of the laces should be. Take two cords and pass them through the holes, recreating the pattern of the shoe. Your child will be able to try and try again calmly to tie his shoes like this.

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6) The solar system

As we all know, children are always fascinated by space and many grown-up boys would like to be astronauts. Here’s a great way to teach him about the solar system in a fun and healthy way. It’s time for a snack, take some fruit, peel it and cut it into slices. You will need approximately a kiwi, a strawberry, a slice of salami , a grain of corn, a grape. Get creative with these products to recreate the planets and to make stars, drops of yogurt. Have fun and enjoy your meal.

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5) Arithmetic

Math has never been this fun. Just take several pieces of lego and give them a value based on their size. For example, the largest piece could be a 1, the average one 1/2 and so on up to 1/8. You can also give it other values. Let the child play by adding them and finding the right solution by moving the bricks.

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4) The alphabet

Make large colored letters from a sheet of paper and glue them to the floor. The game consisted in starting a music to dance and a bit like in the chair game, when the music stops everyone will have to rush to put their feet on the letter corresponding to the initial of their name. And so on. For older children, whole words can be written on the sheets, rather than single letters.

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3) Learn to read

You will need sheets of paper and a marker. What you have to do is a domino made of words. Truncate all the words you choose, writing half on the side of a piece of paper and the other half on another box. The child must be able to reunite, just like in the domino , the truncations so as to bring all the words together. The more he improves, the more you will be able to choose increasingly difficult and compound words. Another slightly simpler method is to write the same word and put the same words next to each other.

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2) Unit of measure

Do you still remember when we were taught about units of measure at school? A bit like the multiplication tables, they were to be learned by heart. What’s better than testing real weights first hand. Fill the bags with rice or dried legumes, making them for example from ½ kilo, 1 kilo. Or with bottles, 1 liter, ½ liter. And with the kitchen tools you can also weigh 1 gram, 1 milliliter and so on. Your child will have no problem remembering them later.

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1) The periodic table

Here is another difficulty. The table of chemical elements. Obviously to be learned by heart. An English mom has invented a hilarious game. You have recreated, by gluing two tables against each other, the famous naval battle game . All you have to do is draw the ships on the table and the various coordinates with a felt-tip pen. Obviously instead of letters and numbers, then you have to pronounce the name of the element you want to sink.
With these games it will not only be your child who is having fun, but certainly you too.