Having an original style is one of the most difficult things to do , for several reasons. First of all because an outfit is perfect when it is both original and trendy, therefore containing some elements that anyone can wear. In addition to this, it must always be considered that it is not always easy to find original clothes and accessories, just the way you want them. There are even fashion enthusiasts who self-produce some elements that characterize their style, such as scarves or small metal jewels. However , there are some essential points , which allow us to make our style original and unique, completely original and personal.

The first step: building a style from scratch

In order to have an original and important style, first of all, define its contours . We all usually have a specific style; trivially there are those who prefer to wear comfortable and sporty clothes regularly and those who love more luxury and classic clothing. This general concept must then be clarified, trying to eliminate from one’s wardrobe the accessories and clothes that do not correspond to the image we want to give of us. So, let’s open the wardrobe and evaluate everything in it; this will allow us to observe what our style actually is , and then “polish it”: removing the superfluous or what is too much outside the image we wish to give of ourselves.

Enrich the wardrobe with accessories

What makes a dress original are often the accessories . Let’s take the classic little black dress, if you wear it with a pair of knee-high boots, with sneakers or with a heel 12 the resulting effect will be decidedly different. After eliminating from the wardrobe the clothes and accessories that do not represent us, we try to enrich it with accessories that are in perfect harmony with our general style. This allows us to remain faithful to the chosen style, avoiding missteps of any kind. Among the accessories we do not forget also bags, scarves, stoles, belts and jewels of various kinds , depending on personal tastes.

Where to find what we need

As we have said, there are fashion victims who prepare some elements of their outfit themselves. Without reaching this type of limit solution, today it is possible to take advantage of the internet to be able to find everything you want in terms of clothing. The important thing is to know the different distributors in Italy and where their products are available. Just take a look at the pages dedicated to distributors in the clothing sector on Suppliers.itto understand what products are available in our country. If you do not want to buy directly from a supplier, also because sometimes it is not possible, you can contact the one that interests us most to check if it provides a store near our home. Because in effect it is the suppliers who offer a showroom the opportunity to offer us the style details we are looking for. Knowing the suppliers of the stores allows us to know in advance what products we can find at the stores.