While we wait for the premiere of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, we can already enjoy the final trailer with which Marvel wants to whet our appetite while all attention is focused on the long-awaited premiere of The Avengers: Endgame.

What the trailer lets us see of X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Indeed, with the purchase of Fox by Disney, the protagonists of X-Men return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a few years of successes and failures. Fans are waiting for what this new installment can offer, which comes with a significant change in the role of its characters.
And it is that, since the first of the Fox movies, X-Men: First Generation, landed on the big screen in 2011, the action has revolved around Magneto, Professor X and Wolverine. In this case, and as we can see in the trailer released by the production company, the film revolves around the powers of Jean Grey .
In a space mission with no apparent complications, an accident causes Jean Gray to absorb all her powers and she becomes the most powerful mutant in the universe . With her own problems and the trauma of this injection of power, Jean Gray loses control over herself and becomes a threat to the entire planet.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix poster. | Marvel.
From here, a race against the clock begins in which the team of mutants will have to face the strongest opponent they have ever had, and who is also their friend. This trailer has been well received by the public , who, however, had negatively criticized the first teasers for the premiere scheduled for November 2018.
In fact, rumors suggested that the delay in the premiere was due to that poor reception, although its producers denied it alleging a fine-tuning of the special effects. In this final trailer it seems that all the meat has been put on the grill and the appearance is more than attractive: everyone defines it as spectacular .

X-men: Dark Phoenix release date
This new installment of the X-Men comes with some changes and will be the last Fox production before the mutants return to Marvel. The film has a release date: July 7.

The cast: all the attention on Sophie Turner
During these years we have been able to see the actress Sophie Turner embodying the role of Jean Grey, on which all eyes are now focused. It is a good opportunity to vindicate herself at the hardest moment of her career: the actress has just announced that she has been suffering from depression for years due to her criticism of her character as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.
Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. | Marvel.
In the final trailer we see familiar faces: Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique,Michael Fassbender as Magneto and James McAvoy as Professor X. But from what we see, all the narrative weight falls on the character of Jean Grey, her tragic transformation and the struggle to rediscover herself and free herself from the weight of her powers.
Will this be the last chance for the X-Men to vindicate themselves in the competitive world of superheroes?
The film is not easy at all , and experts believe that it will be difficult for it to recover the collection. In the bitter memory follows the lousy X-Men: The final decision, which perhaps this final trailer for the new installment will make you forget.
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