The choice of elegant shoes is very important to enhance an outfit. That’s why today we want to provide you with some useful tips for shopping: below, 10 models of elegant shoes (for men and women) most iconic and fashionable right now.

An old saying, also refuted by a curious psychology study, states that it is possible to know a person by the shoe he is wearing. But if the footwear we wear must also represent us , then it is appropriate to choose them with greater care.

So what are the models to focus on? Below, a useful guide cut out for both men and women!

10 models of the most fashionable elegant shoes

Here are the main models of elegant shoes , both for men and women, followed by a brief description. Obviously the type of shoe chosen for our outfit will depend a lot on what we will wear, on the season (winter or summer) and on the occasion (if we go out with friends or go for example to a wedding).

In general, however, every type of shoe can be elegant if combined in the right way with the right item of clothing.

Jewel sandals

Jewel sandals are certainly a very fashionable and very elegant model to focus on. Women wear them for more formal events, under long, short or midi dresses.

Open ballerinas

Open ballet flats are a perfect solution for the summer , when you want to walk outdoors in the greatest possible comfort, without sacrificing elegance.

Flat sandals with sequins

Even if flat, sandals are always a very chic solution . What actually looks like a model dedicated to comfort, can prove to be a precious ally even during important occasions: in this case, however, it is necessary to embellish them with particular details, such as sequins and colored stones.


The decollete shoe is to be considered a great classic of women’s footwear . In fact, it evokes the image of the “femme fatale” a la Jessica Rabbit, however, showing itself to be a very flexible type of shoe: women wear it to enhance jeans, trousers or more sporty outfits.

Men’s walking shoes

Men’s walking shoes – of which Hogan often represent – are a perfect solution for those who want to be comfortable but at the same time appear formal. In fact, it happens that these two needs meet, especially at work, where the unwritten rules of the dress code apply.


The moccasin is an elegant men’s shoe model very popular among those who love the classic style. In fact, he is the perfect shoe for matching trousers and shirt, and is often worn for formal meetings or on special occasions.

Lace-up in leather

The laced shoe in leather or shiny is instead the men’s model to be preferred when you have to attend business appointments. In recent times it is also very popular among the female audience as a more androgynous outfit.


Spectator is instead an elegant two-tone men’s shoe model. Favorite combinations include red and beige, white and black and cream and navy.

It is an informal shoe that easily catches the eye. It is suitable for a casual outfit, but not only.

Women’s boots

Boots were born as footwear for men, but were established and appreciated in the 19th century by the female public.

The first women’s boots were calf-high, had laces and a low heel. With the new century the stivano become more feminine, the heel is higher and the toe becomes thinner.

Today they are often worn with a miniskirt. Among the most preferred models are the cuissardes boots.


Derby shoes are elegant masculine shoes , with a wide toe and a high collar.

They are comfortable shoes suitable for formal outfits such as those we intend to show off in case of business meetings or special occasions.