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Welcome to Fashionaut, the site dedicated to the latest news on fashion and lifestyle! Today we want to offer you the biography of Linda Evangelista, a famous Canadian model. Her dream has always been to become a famous supermodel, and she has worked her entire life to achieve this goal.

We will see, in the following lines, the main steps in the life of the supermodel Linda Evangelista and how she became so famous, in the post by Fashionaut!

Biography of Linda Evangelista: one of the most followed supermodels in the world!

Linda Evangelista was born on May 10, 1965 in St. Catharines, Ontario, into a middle-class family. She is the daughter of Italian immigrants from Pignataro Interamna, in the province of Frosinone.

Since she was a child she has always had a passion for fashion that turned into work at the age of only 15. Her modeling career begins when she wins the Miss Teen Niagara pageant . From that moment on, she starts working for the “Elite” fashion agency.

Its enchanting beauty and its characteristic features have been chosen by numerous luxury brands. She has often been featured on the covers of Vogue and other glossy magazines. Fashion houses such as Versace, Chanel, Calvin Klein, YSL, Dior and many others have chosen her as the protagonist of their advertising campaigns and numerous fashion shows around the world.

With Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell he formed ” The Trinity “, that is the trio of the most famous models in the world , between the 80s and 90s. In fact, Linda Evangelista can be defined as one of the best known of the 80s models , a title that she maintains also in the following decade despite the arrival on the catwalk of new stars such as the German Claudia Schiffer and the English Kate Moss.

She was also part of the testimonials of the famous cosmetics brand L’Oreal until 2012. She was the face of the cleansing and anti-aging products of the well-known brand. She was then the protagonist of the Prada print campaign and in 2015 she became the testimonial of the Fresh perfume by Moschino .

In his life we ​​also have some parts in movies and TV series. In fact, in 1994 he appears in the film ” Pret-a-porter ” by Robert Altman and in 1999 he participates in the film “The Loss of Innocence” by Mike Figgis. She also participates in an episode of Sex and the City,  testifying to the model’s multifaceted ability to reinvent herself and reinvent her own image.

Private life of Linda Evangelista

If we look at the private life of the famous Canadian supermodel , this too turns out to be a very interesting chapter in her life. In fact, in 1987, Linda Evangelista married Gerald Marie, executive of the Elite Model Management fashion agency, in which Linda worked for years. Unfortunately, the relationship derailed until separation and divorce in 1993.

After the divorce, Linda embarks on a 6-year relationship with actor Kyle McLachlan , but this new romance also ends and the famous supermodel decides to move on with her love life.

Linda is fascinated, like many of her colleagues, by the football player on duty, and falls in love with the French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez. During the relationship with Fabien, Linda becomes pregnant but unfortunately she has a spontaneous abortion in the sixth month.

In 2006, at the age of 42, Linda finally gives birth to her first child, whom she names Augustin James. However, the model decides not to reveal the identity of her father. Further on, it will turn out that this child and son of Francois – Henri Pinault, who at the time was having an affair with another woman.

Linda, therefore, reveals herself to be his mistress and this is precisely the reason that prompted the supermodel not to reveal the name of her son’s father. Linda keeps Augustin autonomously until 2010 and decides to bring Pinault to court only after the attempts of a private agreement between the two fail and her multi-year contract as testimonial for L’Oreal Paris ends.

In 2012, after several clashes, an agreement is finally reached which includes Pinault’s retention of Augustin.

Other curiosities about Linda Evangelista

Good food and sports are the main curiosities concerning the Canadian model. In fact, Linda Evangelista loves cooking, and thanks to her Italian origins, she also knows how to cook dishes such as polenta and gnocchi very well.

In addition, she is a sports enthusiast: in fact, still today her physique is athletic and well-groomed. She knows how to ski and snorkel, among other things. She finally has a great passion for animals, and she has a French bulldog named Moon.

On the Internet front, Linda professes not to like social networks very much, and in fact she doesn’t use them often. She uses Instagram and has around 800,000 followers who still follow her with great interest.


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