Selfies are now a habit among both VIPs and ordinary people. Social media are now full of more or less embarrassing images of famous people who never miss an opportunity to take a photograph.

But, sometimes, it would be better to think about it before publishing an ugly selfie in which you are disheveled portraits and with your face distorted to say the least, especially if you are always in the spotlight by profession.

Observed, criticized, envied, it seems that famous international and Made in Italy personalities cannot help but continuously take photos to be published on their social profiles .

While we take care to look fresh as roses and fresh out of a beauty salon, they don’t care about it and are also not perfectly tidy and as beautiful as ever.

10) Madonna

It cannot be said that Madonna , in the years of her brilliant career, did not show the best and worst of herself. She, the queen of pop stars, has never had a problem performing and has always enjoyed provoking public opinion. This time none of this. The singer has seen fit to post a selfie of her that is really very embarrassing. In this image it is completely different from how we are used to seeing it on the scene. Hair up and messy , no makeup and dressed in a simple black tank top. More than a star it seems that she has ended up under a train!

9) Barbara D’Bear

The roundup continues with the national Babarella. The queen of Mediaset and of afternoons on TV, D’Urso , is always impeccable during her broadcasts and always shows a breathtaking physique. In short, there is never anything to say about her make-up and wig? You wouldn’t think so from this ugly Barbara selfie. In her photograph we can see her very tired face , her tousled hair and a not too photogenic expression. With this embarrassing photo of Barbara D’Urso we have the confirmation that her makeup really works miracles.

8) 50 Cent

50 Cent , and the stage name of Curtis James Jackson, the American rapper. The 12-year-old singer embarked on a career as a crack dealer, and became famous after being discovered and launched by Eminem on the big music scene. The rapper with the reputation of a true villain is totally denied in this photo, because with these cute glasses he looks just like a sweet playful.

7) Cara Delevigne

We are used to seeing the young British super model and actress Cara Delevigne always gorgeous and perfectly in order. Too bad, in this awkward selfie, she’s wearing an ugly hat that doesn’t suit her at all and her eyes look completely crooked . She will always be beautiful but for once we can say that she has definitely looked bad at least in this photograph.

6) Jenniffer Lopez

Beautiful, beautiful Jenniffer Lopez . She who hardly takes pictures of herself when she’s removed make-up, wanted to share another real-life moment with her fans. Perhaps, it was during her dance training that the singer skinned her knee . No mother’s pelvis to let the bua pass. This time the pain passed with a nice selfie portraying the wound .

5) Justin Bieber

Canadian singer Justin Bieber doesn’t just show off on stage by performing for his raving fans. In fact, Justin, in addition to being stopped by the police very often lately, portrays himself in really ugly selfies. In this image he seems to have photographed himself as soon as he woke up , or rather, as soon as he fell out of bed. Pale face , disheveled tuft , sleeping air a very different portrait from the one that appears on TV.

4) Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian ‘s beauty habits could not miss the very expensive Vampire Therapy . This facial rejuvenation technique involves taking your blood from your arm and splashing it on your face through acupuncture. A natural remedy that is around 600 pounds and which Kim could not help but share on social media. Really inelegant to show.

3) Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has no more ideas on how to scandalize public opinion and in this selfie she tries by photographing herself in her underwear and showing her belly uncovered . Let’s say it was better when she was a child prodigy and she did not indulge in scandals as a hobby.

2) Alessia Marcuzzi

Even the exuberant Alessia Marcuzzi enters this ranking of embarrassing selfies by right. The presenter, probably fresh from a nap, still has her face asleep even though she tries to hide it by sending a kiss to the camera.

1) Emma Marrone

Sleepless nights for singer Emma Marrone ? It would seem so. She, too, in these two photographs has really turned out badly. Her selfies show her greasy hair and her face with pimples .