Women’s creams : which are the ones that can’t be missing? For your online or perfumery purchases , there are creams that you must use to always feel young and beautiful. What are the best creams for women and how to choose them?

Women’s creams: how to choose creams

To choose the best women’s creams, always read carefully what are the characteristics of the product and what is inside, even if you do not understand it well. The abbreviations in English indicate synthetic ingredients , while the abbreviations in Latin indicate natural ingredients.

On the Internet, the ingredients are indicated in the technical data sheets, large and capitalized, which help you in online purchases . In perfumery, the law obliges you to write everything on the packaging .

Choose creams that have a shelf life of less than 24 months. Products with a longer shelf life also have stronger preservatives, which can harm your skin.

What are the creams not to be missed to always be beautiful and how to choose them? Let’s see it below!

Day cream

Essential women’s creams are:

  • day cream;
  • night cream;
  • serum;
  • eye contour cream.

Creams alone are not enough. The skin of the face is cleaned first with specific products to increase the effectiveness of the cream. It is therefore right to use a day cream first.

What is day cream?

It is a cream that is applied in the morning , before makeup. For this reason, it is light, practical and absorbs immediately. It can also become a good make-up base.

The day cream can be: moisturizing, purifying or anti-aging, depending on what you need.

Night cream

The night cream is put on before going to sleep . It is more oily in consistency, because it deeply nourishes the skin as the hours of the night pass. The night cream is chosen for the components, but being heavier, it also has more ingredients and a higher shelf life.

How do you choose your night cream? Choose according to the effect you want to achieve.

  • Do you want brighter skin that no longer pulls? You need a super moisturizing night cream;
  • Are you tired of seeing your face ruined by pimples? You need an intense purifying night cream;
  • Do you see the first signs of aging and think you can’t do anything about it? You are wrong. Use a plumping night cream with hyaluronic acid;

Night creams on average cost more than day creams because there are more ingredients and some even of a certain value when the cream manufacturer buys them.


The serum is essential to enrich a base cream. This  also serves to give the skin a special pampering every 2-3 days. It can be used alone or can be added to the cream. It all depends on the cream and the potency of the serum.

The creams of the same line do not need the addition of serum. You can take a generic cream and add the serum to save and give the cream a specificity.

The serum is used on its own every day only if the situation is tragic or you want results immediately.

The creams offer results in weeks, but with the serum you can see the difference after just two days of treatment.

Eye contour cream

The eyes get tired just like the skin. They can have fine lines around them and suffer from the pressure of atmospheric agents. The eye cream solves the problem. It does not have a lot of ml, precisely because the eyes are fragile and using large quantities of cream could damage them.

So, the eye contour cream is chosen based on what you need and based on the brand that produces it.

To choose the best one, read the reviews on the product and find out what the ingredients are. The fewer the ingredients, the better.