What is a script
The language of the Internet is full of technicalities that, unless someone has great knowledge in computers or is quite an expert in programming, they will not have the remotest idea of ​​what some of these terms mean or will very vaguely. Of all this amalgamation of words, the next few lines are dedicated to analyzing what a script is and how we can eliminate them from the computer

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What is a script?
In informatics, the term “script” is taken from English and means “script”, since, like the text that contains the development of a theater or cinema plot, in informatics it has detailed instructions in the language par excellence of this discipline (the source code) . Thus, these commands will contain all the functions that each program containing a script will be able to perform and will be stored in a simple text file.
Unlike other computer programs, the scripts have to be read by a third program that interprets these lines of code or translates them into the language of the computer so that the machine understands which commands it must execute in each sequence.The 4 functions of a script
To better understand what a script is, these are its four main functions schematically:
1. Check that the program or application in use performs the functions assigned to it correctly
2. Combine the rest of the components of the computer
3. Include the configurations and installations of other operating systems.
4. Interact with the computer’s operating system or with the same user to inform him of possible updates or news Types of script for web pages
Web designers and programmers use scripts to configure everything that has to do with the appearance of the new domain, as well as the facilities it will offer to future users. In this case, we will talk about two kinds of scripts : Client-side
scripts These scripts are executed on the same computer that is being used . They use the same web browser through which the user accesses an application. Server-side script
Unlike the previous ones, this type of script is executed directly on the server.In this way, the possible errors during the execution in relation to the compatibility with the browser that we use disappear, with which it will not matter which one we choose. This occurs because the script code is deployed using its own language and software, which allow access to the libraries in which these files are stored on the server. How to remove a script from the computer
Before you give us problems, these are the tricks to remove a script from the computer with which we work. In this sense, a good way to prevent this from happening has to do with systematically cleaning the scripts: 1. Select “Internet Options” in the “Tools” menu
Depending on the version we have, it is found in the Internet Explorer bar YA whole window with a multitude of drawers will unfold . At the end of everything is the option “Internet Options”, on which we must click.
Sometimes it may happen that “Tools” does not appear on the screen, in which case we can do it with the “ALT” key.
Those who have Windows 10, can open this window by searching in the start bar or by typing “Internet Options”. 2. We look for the “General” tab.
The open “Internet Options” window will appear displayed with several available tabs. To the left of everything is “General” and, further down, the options related to Google’s browsing history . 3. “Delete history”
It’s next to the “Settings” tab. Once inside, you will have to check these boxes: “Temporary Internet Files”, “Cookies” and “History” and then hit “Delete”. 4. Accept the changes
We give “Accept” so that all the changes made in “Internet Options” are saved. How to remove a long-running script from the computer
We will also tell you what are the steps you have to follow to remove those scripts that take too long to run and that can hinder the operation of our terminal, in addition to ending our patience every second that pass. 1. Menu “Tools” Through Internet Explorer you have to look for this option.2. “Advanced options”
It is found in the window that is displayed for the tools. 3. Disable script debugging
From the previous point, a list of alternatives will appear, among which we will have to search for “ Examine” and then “Disable script debugging”. 4. Click on Accept
It is important to click on “Accept” before exiting, otherwise you will have to start over. 5. Restart the computer
To verify that the application has been marked, Internet Explorer must be restarted for it to be activated , because if we do not do so, it will not have been registered correctly.

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