Losing a child is a tragedy from which no parent can ever recover. There are many cases of premature deaths  of boys and children. For their families to overcome it is impossible.

Try to imagine now what it means to lose a child for someone who is part of the entertainment world , what if to tragically lose the life and the child of a character who lives in the spotlight?

For many of them, the loss of their child was like a bolt from the blue , since that moment their life has changed forever. There are those who have radically changed their lives.

These show business characters have all tragically lost a child. On the following pages you will read their names and their stories. Many cases have been really terrible, let’s go and see them together :

1) Bill Cosby

The actor who is currently in trouble with justice due to the sex scandals that swept Hollywood, known all over the world thanks to the TV program The Robinson, lost his only son 21 years ago. His name was Ennis Cosby and he was shot and killed in the head when he was only 28 years old. He was killed by Mikhail Markhasev, a Ukrainian immigrant during a robbery attempt. The boy was standing in the street changing a punctured wheel on his car.

2) Lory Del Santo

The son of Lory del Santo and Eric Clapton was called Conor and was only 5 years old when he tragically passed away. The little boy was born on August 21, 1986, 5 years after being overwhelmed by the joy of his birth, the couple of parents were overwhelmed by an equally terrible tragedy: the death of their son. Conor in fact accidentally fell out of a window on the 53rd floor of a New York skyscraper on March 20, 1991. The couple did not survive the loss of their son, Lory Del Santo and Eric Clapton broke up.

3) Gerard Depardieu

The famous French actor had a son, his name was Guillaume . He was born from the bond with actress Elizabeth Guignot; the boy had followed in his father’s footsteps, emulating his acting career. It was pneumonia that ended his life, lived under the banner of recklessness. He died in 2008 at the age of 37. In ’95 I risk my life in a serious road accident.

4) Marlon Brando

The great Hollywood actor, symbol of a generation, tragically lost a daughter. Her name was Cheyenne and was born from the union with his third wife, the actress of Polynesian origin Tarita Terapia . The girl took her own life when she was only 25 in 1995; according to what emerged from the investigations   she was suffering from a deep depression following the murder of her boyfriend Dag. His stepbrother Christian had killed him.

5) Franco Gatti

Voice of Ricchi e Poveri , in 2013 a bereavement upsets him to the point of having to leave the band. And on February 13, they are all waiting for the big performance on the Ariston stage, when at the last moment it is canceled. Franco Gatti’s son Alessio , just 22 at the time, was found lifeless due to an overdose. For the singer the pain was too much, so much so that he left the group; he didn’t feel like performing anymore.

6) Dalida Di Lazzaro

And 1991 when the actress and model Dalida Lazzaro loses her only child. His name was Christian and he was only 22 when a hit-and-run hit him, putting an end to his life. Lazarus and her son were very close to each other, so much so that after the tragic mourning the actress left the scene. She was 38 at the time.

7) Tina Turner

Craig Turner , son of diva and singer Tina, took his own life on July 4, 2018 with a   gunshot to the head. The 59-year-old took his own life in his office in Studio City. The news was reported on the TMZ website. Craig was born from the relationship between the singer and the saxophonist Raymond Hill ; he was however adopted by her husband Ike Turner. For the 78-year-old singer it was a hard blow.

8) Claudia Galanti

The story of the beautiful model shocked everyone. The 10-month-old daughter was the victim of a blood bacterium. And on December 3, 2014 when the little Indila Carolina Sky of only 10 months, with Arnaud Mimran, died of a bacteriological infection . She had just returned from a vacation with her father. 

9) Niccolo Fabi

Niccolo Fabi’s was a real tragedy. The singer has in fact lost his daughter Olivia due to a serious illness. At the time of the events the little girl was 22 months old, and was struck by a fulminant meningitis. The cantate dedicated to her daughter a concert in memory of her ” Words of Lulu “.

10) John Travolta

His name was Jett , and he was the eldest son of the actor, known for his roles in Grease and Saturday Night Fever , and his wife Kelly Preston lost his life on January 1, 2009, due to cardiac arrest while in the Bahamas. with parents. The boy suffered from epilepsy, during an attack he would fall and hit his head on the ground. Despite the dramatic rush to the hospital for the 16-year-old, there was nothing to do.

11) Sylvester Stallone

The actor best known for his role in Rocky and Rambo recently lost his son. His name was Sage and at the time he was only 36 years old, the boy was struck down by a cardiac arrest . Initially it was hypothesized that behind the heart attack there was a drug abuse: hypothesis denied by the autopsy.

12) Terence Hill

Mario Girotti, an Italian actor known to all with the stage name Terence Hill ; for films with Bud Spencer and for playing Don Matteo , he tragically lost a son in 1990 . The actor was married to Lori Zwicklbauer , an American actress of German descent. The two had two children: Jess and Ross . The second son had actually been adopted. He died at the age of 16 following a terrible car accident on January 30 . The incident happened in Stockbridge in Massachusetts. In the crash, a friend of Ross also lost his life, the caption that accompanies the entire Lucky Luke series was dedicated to them , “Love is eternal “. The boy had recently made a movie with his father, Renegade. Overwhelmed by mourning, Terence Hill retires from the scene for a while.