Mom I missed the plane

A classic Christmas movie and the film ” Mom I Missed the Plane “, followed later by the sequel ” Mom I flew my plane: I got lost in New York “.

This 1990 film (original title Home Alone), written and produced by John Hughes  and directed by  Chris Columbus , tells the story of a child, Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), who is forgotten at home by his mother and his family, remaining from only to fight against two neighborhood thieves (one of which is the actor Joe Pesci) who want to rob his house. A film for the whole family and which is regularly re-presented on TV every year.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas is  a 1993 animated film, directed by  Henry Selick  and produced by  Tim Burton for Walt Disney . The film is made in  stop-motion , that is, using puppets moved by hand by the animators from frame to frame. It was released in US cinemas on October 29, 1993 and in Italian cinemas on December 5, 1994.

The story tells of Jack , a skeleton who lives in the land of Halloween, who, tired of organizing the party dedicated to the cult of the dead, decides to try his hand with the other inhabitants, in the organization of the Christmas holiday, kidnapping Santa Claus.

One of those films that you never get tired of ..

The Grinch

Another Christmas masterpiece and classic is The Grinch , released in theaters in 2000, produced and directed by Ron Howard and based on a novel by Dr Seuss . The story begins when Boh is discovered inside a snowflake, among some mountains called Picchi di Punta, a small town of  Chinonso , which is inhabited by beings of different heights, sexes and ages, namely the  Nonsochi,  who love to celebrate. Christmas, except for a mysterious being who lives lonely in the mountains, precisely the Grinch (played by Jim Carrey), who hates Christmas, but the meeting with the child Cindy will open his heart to the holidays.

The film experienced commercial success and won numerous awards, including an Oscar for best makeup.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a fantastic film of 2009, directed by  Robert Zemeckis , film adaptation of the short story “ A Christmas Carol”  by  Charles Dickens . It was produced by  ImageMovers Digital and Walt Disney Pictures,  made in CGI  using the performance capture technique.

The story tells of an old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carrey), who lives in Victorian London. The old man, also stingy in feelings, lives his lonely life without celebrating Christmas, until he is kidnapped during the night by three spirits: past, present and future of Christmas.

A Christmas story to see and review every year! Among the Christmas movies, my favorite!

Christmas holidays

Let’s go back to Italy for a moment and celebrate the ” Christmas Holidays ” saga, the legendary films that gave birth to a real genre, that is the ” cinepanettoni “. Produced by Filmauro and often directed by Neri Parenti , these films tell in an ironic and light way the stories of families and friends taken from the organization of the Christmas holidays. Between beautiful girls, comic sketches and unlikely stories, every year the cinepanettoni bring a pinch of joy to Italian homes during the holidays.

Miracle on 34th Street

Another timeless classic and Miracle on 34th Street. This is a 1994 film, directed by  Les Mayfield  and starring  Richard Attenborough  as Santa Claus. This film is actually a remake of the famous 1947 film  The Miracle of 34th Street  directed by George Seaton.

Set in New York, it tells the story of Santa Claus, the one and only, who is hired to drive the sleigh during the Cole Warehouse parade in place of another fake Santa Claus.


An atypical Christmas film and Gremlins, a 1984 film directed by  Joe Dante  with a script by  Chris Columbus while  Steven Spielberg is the executive producer. In addition to being a great success with the public, the film obtained positive feedback from the critics, in particular for its perfect balance between comedy and horror, giving life to the sequel Gremlins 2.

The story tells of an American town, Kingston Falls, where an inventor pope gives his son Billy a rare specimen of mogwai , a sweet and furry animal that, however, if not cared for at best can generate monsters, precisely the Gremlins.

The three rules for looking after this pet, very simple (but apparently never respected), are:

  • do not expose it to strong light, which would irritate it and in particular to that of the sun, which would kill it;
  • never get it wet;
  • never feed him after midnight;

Will the town be ready for the invasion of the gremlins? Find out on TV!

Holy Bastard

A very controversial Christmas film and Bastard Santa, 2003 film directed by Terry Zwigoff . This is a very irreverent and foul-mouthed Christmas comedy, whose plot sees the protagonist Billy Bob Thornton , who is entrusted with the role of a criminal, alcoholic and self-injurious Santa Claus, who is entrusted with the task, together with his friend and fellow criminal with dwarfism Marcus, to rob a department store. Presented out of competition at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, this is a funny comedy but not recommended for minors.

Fred Claus – a brother under the tree

Another Christmas film not to be missed for lovers of the genre is Fred Claus – a brother under the tree, a 2007 film by David Dobkin, which stars the actors Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti and Kevin Spacey.

The plot of the film tells of Santa’s slacker brother, Fred, struggling with the organization of Christmas in the North Pole in exchange for a loan to finance the opening of his betting center.

A film for the whole family and shown every year on TV.

An armchair for two

We could only conclude our roundup of Christmas films with the film “An armchair for two” (original title  Trading Places ), the 1983 film by  John Landis, starring  Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Set in New York’s Wall Street, the film tells the story of two tycoons and owners of a financial company,  Mortimer and Randolph Duke,  who decide to make a bet: to turn a respected man into a criminal and, on the contrary, a criminal into a successful manager. .

Who will win this bet?

Every Christmas Eve a film that cannot be missed on TV and that we are all waiting anxiously for.