Normally, when you think of healthy and nutritious food, the classic examples usually come to mind: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese… However, not many people know that gelatin is also a food that provides many benefits to our body.
If you want to know more about why it is good to eat gelatin and what its benefits are , we recommend that you continue reading.

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10 reasons why eating gelatin is beneficial
Although it seems like a simple dessert, it is good to incorporate gelatin into our usual diet, for the reasons that we are going to detail below:

1. Gelatin has great nutritional value
Gelatin is good for our diet, because it contains a series of basic amino acids (proteins) for our well-being , whose presence is essential for good health.
It also stimulates the production of enzymes and enhances the absorption of proteins contained in other foods, so it is positive to eat gelatin accompanied by meat fillets, cereals (oats or rice) or legumes (lentils or chickpeas).

2. Contributes to weight loss
Gelatin is not fattening, since it does not contain carbohydrates or fats, so it can be consumed daily without problems. This food is practically pure protein , so it is a dessert that can be added to any diet to lose weight.
Now, you have to keep in mind that this will depend on the manufacturer and the brand: some jellies are exclusively sugar , so it is advisable to stay away and continue looking for one that is truly favorable for the body.
On the other hand, it is good to eat gelatin because it has a satiating effect on the stomach, thus preventing us from being tempted to eat other foods. So people who are undergoing a diet can opt for gelatin to lose weight.

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3. Strengthens the bones
Gelatin helps to improve the bone system, providing calcium, magnesium or phosphorus, essential minerals to strengthen our bones.
With age the body deteriorates, giving way to physical ailments due to the wear and tear of bones and cartilage. Fortunately, gelatin collaborates in the regeneration of these tissues when suffering from osteoarthritis or arthritis , causing them to recover part of their flexibility and calm the pain associated with these conditions.
On the other hand, eating gelatin is good for preventing osteoporosis and a good complement in the treatment of said disease.

4. Facilitates digestion
Gelatin is also good for digestion, because it increases the production of hydrochloric acid (responsible for assimilating the ingested food), thanks to glycine, one of the amino acids .

5. Improves physical appearance
This dessert has repercussions on our physical appearance, increasing the elasticity of the skin (gelatin is rich in collagen), giving it a smoother and rejuvenated appearance. As it tones the skin, making it more resistant and with less tendency to break , it reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Not even the best beauty treatment is so cheap.

6. Collagen participates in some rehabilitation processes
Gelatin is also made up of collagen, a protein found in nails and hair. When we eat gelatin often, the nails grow and the hair gains resistance, becoming more robust. On the other hand, gelatin also helps keep tooth enamel strong, due to fluoride.
Likewise, the collagen present in the gelatin regenerates the tendons of the joints, preventing the appearance of injuries.

7. It is a good dose of calcium for pregnant
women and children. Pregnant or lactating women will see their health improve if they add gelatin to their diet, due to the calcium it contains, ideal for strengthening bones during these times when the human body is weaker. is left over.
Growing children, on the other hand, also need calcium.Eating gelatin, along with drinking milk and other dairy products, will promote growth.

8. Good for convalescents
For people who are in the process of recovering after undergoing a medical procedure, gelatin is a good choice for food, since its texture prevents choking and facilitates ingestion.
In the same way, for those who suffer from heartburn (a very typical condition resulting from stress or an unbalanced diet), gelatin counteracts excess acids, due to the action of one of the substances that compose it, called gelatin , which calms the action of gastric juices.

9. Ideal for athletes
Gelatin is a good nutritional supplement for athletes, due to the contribution of lysine, arginine and proline, three types of proteins involved in muscle growth and in the production of creatine at the lowest possible energy expenditure, respectively.
Together with fruits, vegetables and other foods that contain vitamin C, it will have an impact on improving the immune system .

10. Low-sugar alternative for diabetics

There is a “sugar-free” gelatin version for diabetics , so they don’t have to worry about their blood sugar levels or eliminate gelatin from their regular regimen.

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