As for famous writers of the 20th century, many names come to mind; but there is one that had a great impact towards the second half of the last century: Truman Capote . He is an American novelist who was the author of titles such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1958) and different stories and plays; as well as editor of articles for The New Yorker magazine.
Truman Capote was a celebrity in his day: wherever New York high society gathered, he was there. His peculiar appearance, along with his acid sense of humor, made him a much loved and admired character.
Already in his youth he began to write and little by little he earned his well-deserved fame as a great storyteller. Everyone who had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Capote highlights the fascination with which the writer listened carefully when someone spoke to him, along with his closeness when dealing with people.
However, there was an event that left a trace of sadness in his soul; and that plunged him into depression, alcohol and drug abuse. When the crime of the Clutter family occurred, in the town of Holcomb (state of Kansas) and Truman Capote set out to write In Cold Blood , an ambitious book about the events, he did not know that it would be his great literary success… But at a great personal cost.
We are going to break down the events that occurred and the writing process of this novel-report that is said to be Capote’s best title.

The before: murder at the Clutter house On the
morning of November 15, 1959, Laura Kinney, a friend of Nancy’s (the eldest daughter of the Clutter family) went to look for her partner at her house. Downstairs there was no sign of the typical morning hustle and bustle, so he went upstairs. What was her surprise when she found her friend, her brother and her parents dead: they had all been shot in the head.
The bodies of Nancy and her brother Kenyon were in their respective beds, lying on their sides and facing the wall; while Patriarch Herbert’s was in the basement, handcuffed and lying on top of a flattened cardboard box. His throat had been slit and he had been shot in the head.
Bonnye was also found handcuffed, this time with her hands forward in a prayer position, with a knot that went down to her ankles and was tied to one of the stirrups of her bed. Her white nightgown was bloody, as she had been shot at point-blank range in her temple.
The Clutters were a well-known family in Holcomb with a good reputation. They were faithful Methodists who did not miss a Sunday mass and had earned their good reputation in town. Nevertheless,They were the victims of a brutal murder that at first left no clues as to who was behind it all.

Truman Capote arrives
A few days after hearing the news, Truman Capote moved to Holcomb, determined to write an article about what happened, accompanied by the also writer and personal friend of his, Harper Lee.
At first, his arrival was not well received among the locals or the police force, who remained suspicious of his approach. Apparently they didn’t think it was right for any outsider from the city to stick their noses into the affairs of his community; and less to write about something so horrendous. Holcomb, the little town where nothing ever happened and nobody knew about on a map, was suddenly the center of news.
Thanks to his people skills and poise, Capote made a niche in the town and won the sympathy of the inspector in charge of the Clutter case: Al Dewey; and his wife, Marie Louise.
During Truman Capote’s stay at Holcomb, when the case seemed unlikely to be closed, the news broke: the suspects had been arrested.

The detainees
In Las Vegas were intercepted by the police, on December 30, 1959, Perry Smith and Richard Dick Hickock, after a tireless search. These two petty criminals , who until now had only committed petty crimes, met in prison after a misdemeanor conviction.

perry smith
Perry Smith came from a broken family in which there was a history of mistreatment by his father towards his mother and alcohol abuse. After eloping with him and his brothers, his mother died when he was thirteen years old . Smith began an erratic life, including his entry into an unscrupulous street gang, until he found his bones in jail

Richard “Dick” Hickock
Dick Hickock, on the other hand, had been a correct student from a middle-class family and a great fan to sport. After marrying and divorcing, his life began to go awry when he took to the path of crime , committing small-scale scams and fraud that would land him in prison.