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In the information age, being up to date with what is happening around you is one of the priorities for anyone. As globalization increases, the news that is sought is increasingly distant. This also contributes to greater competition between news web portals from different countries, always divided by language barriers.
In this article, we are going to show a list of the 10 most visited news websites in Spain . Many of them, as might be expected, are also references in Latin American countries and are read, after all, in almost any part of the world by those who know the language.

The 10 most visited news portals
The information used to compile this list of news websites has been extracted from different sources that take into account the visits they receive. Among them, we find the data analysis pages Alexa (owned by Amazon) and SimilarWeb . Other data extracted from news and audience studies have also been taken into account.

10. Hello!
Inaugurating the list we find the magazine Hello!, in its digital version. Fortunately or unfortunately, this website is one of the most visited in Spain. Its contents intended mainly for women on topics such as fashion, beauty, decoration and cookingare widely spread among the female public.
Its founder, Antonio Sanchez Gomez, created the paper magazine in 1944, having previously worked for the newspaper La Prensa (Barcelona). Since its inception, the magazine Hello! has been synonymous with success , joining other countries such as England, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Bulgaria, Brazil, Indonesia, among others.
The total sum of countries amounts to 70, selling only in Spain more than 400,000 copies. In its digital version, each visitor spends an average of 3 minutes and 28 seconds, and visits 3.78 news items on the web each day.
Without going into evaluations, the truth is that the strategy followed by this brand is working for them. Despite being the result of offering information based on sexist topics, the magazine ¡Hola! They are as successful online as they are on paper.

9. 20 Minutes
This newspaper is the only one with a free paper version of this list , published from Monday to Friday. It was purchased in 2015 by Grupo Heraldo. It was born in the year 2000 and in just 5 years it came to rank as the most read newspaper in Spain (including free ones) according to the General Media Study (EGM).
That same year, the online version came to light, placing it among the most read. According to the OJD (Office of Justification for Media Dissemination on the Internet), the newspaperIt came to gather more than 27 million visits made up of a total of almost 18 million unique users in 2011. Figures that have continued to increase until today.

8. ABC
This Spanish newspaper was born in 1903 thanks to Luca de Tena. It is usually defined as a conservative and Catholic newspaper. According to data from 2011 and 2012, the number of copies distributed is around 250,000 and its circulation is around 190,000. Much lower amounts today .
However, a large part of the readers have chosen to redirect themselves to the digital version, plus others who have joined the new format. Its readers spend 5 minutes on the media portal, and consult 2.2 news .

7. The Confidential
This Spanish newspaper is aimed at a more professional middle-aged audience. It was founded in 2001 and does not have a paper format. Although their contents are general, they have some specialization in economics, politics and finance . Visitors spend about five minutes on the portal and read about 3 news items, on average.

6. La Vanguardia
Previously titled La Vanguardia Espanola (1938-1978) is a Barcelona newspaper that is published in Spanish and Catalan (the latter from 2011). It is the oldest newspaper on the list since it had its first appearance in February 1881 . It belongs to the Godo Group (first communication holding company in Spain)
Although its web portal has a number of visits and number of news items read (just over 2, on average) very similar to those obtained by El Confidencial, La Vanguardia far outperforms its previous competitor in terms of the time the user spends on user on the web. With 6 and a half minutes, you get your readers not only to access the web, but also to stay for a long time.

5. As

The second most widely read digital sports newspaper in Spain , belonging to Grupo PRISA, like El Pais (as we will see later), was founded in 1967 by Luis Montiel Balanzat. In the paper version, it dedicates approximately half of its space to football.
Internet users spend almost 6 minutes of time browsingby the different areas of the page and visualize almost 3 different news (2.89 to be exact).

4. Espana Diario
This digital newspaper has managed to climb quickly to the top of this list in a very short time . Possibly it had to do with its style, direct, easy to read and dealing with topics of general and social interest such as television news, heart news and a very up-to-date follow-up of the coronavirus pandemic.
This digital newspaper has reached in certain months 30 million visits according to comScore (an internet marketing company). In addition, Internet users spend about 2 and a half minutes on your page and read more than 2 news items.

3. Brand

This sports newspaper is the most widely read in the world of sports . It was launched on the market in December 1938 in San Sebastian, and its first editor was the journalist and pediatrician Manuel Fernandez-Cuesta Merelo.
It had a television network (whose broadcast ended in 2013) and a radio station that is still active. His Facebook and Twitter accounts have almost 10 million followers between them .
It has a circulation of about 400,000 copies a day, with a circulation of almost 300,000. According to the EGM (General Media Study, Spain), it was the most read paid newspaper in Spain in 2009.

Its visitors spend an average of 6 and a half minutes readingtheir articles and they visualize almost 4 in total, quite high figures if we compare them with other web pages of this ranking. As a curiosity, the newspaper is the body in charge of awarding the famous Pichichi trophy at the Spanish level.

2. El Mundo
The initial name of the newspaper in its printed version was El Mundo del Siglo XXI. Of Spanish origin and based in Madrid, its founder was Pedro Ramirez, who made the decision to create the project in 1989, making it a relatively young newspaper.
Continuing with the information on the paper version, this newspaper publishes just over 200,000 copies with an average circulation of 150,000 (data from 2013 and 2014).
As for the digital version, the contents (as is often the case) are not identical to the paper version, but there is a virtual kiosk from which you can access that version. The average person spends 5 minutes surfing the web and visits 3 news stories.
The online version has more than 9 million unique users (according to data from September 2016), which makes it the second most read news portal in Spanish in the world , ahead of Clarin and La Nacion (both Argentine newspapers) .

1. The Country
This newspaper was founded in 1976 by Jose Ortega Spottorno. Mainly published in Spanish, it monopolizes all the lists of best-selling newspapers in the Spanish language. It belongs to Grupo PRISA, which is the largest media group in Spain. In 2010, an American group called Liberty Acquisition Holding became its largest shareholder.
The newspaper El Pais is today not only the most visited news portal in Spain, but also the most visited in the world in Spanish . In its printed version, during the month of July 2013, it sold more than 1,900,000 copies. As for its digital version, more than 11.5 million unique users have come to enter the website according to data from September 2016.
Users spend an average of 5 minutes and 16 seconds on your website and read almost 3 news items. As for the paper format, it has a “global version” that is printed and distributed throughout Latin America. As if that were not enough, it is among the 500 most visited pages in the world .