Netflix doesn’t take vacations; just the opposite . It is in the month of August where it brings more premieres than ever in terms of movies. In addition, two of their most popular series return.
As for movies, the offer is huge. Some of the mythical tapes of the Netflix original return, such as ‘Ex-Machina’ or ‘Pulp Fiction’. And we do not forget the documentaries : Up to five new ones will be released this August.
Apart from the more “serious” proposals, so that today’s children can enjoy the series that marked previous generations, there are titles specially designed for the little ones such as ‘Inspector Gadget’ or ‘La Pajareria de Transilvania’.

Several cult series that are among the best known on the platform return to the Canadian streaming platform. But not only that, there are also very interesting series premieres on Netflix this August.

‘Dear white people’ S3

Release date: August 2.
It returns to Netflix this August for its third season ‘Dear White People’, the series that follows a group of black students in a school full of white students and how they confront social injustices. Developed by Justin Simien, it is a satirical and ironic production that believes that serious topics like this can be treated through the finest humor.

‘GLOW’ Season
3 Premiere Date: August 9
Netflix has a series policy that we could consider progressive, and is proud of it. If in ‘Dear White People’ it is a question of keeping an eye on the problem of racism in the US, in ‘GLOW’ we enter the world of women who break usual gender roles . This will be the third season that we live the experiences of Ruth Wilder in the world of women’s wrestling.

‘The cable girls’ S4

Release date: August 9.
The fourth season of ‘Cable Girls’ is one of the great premieres of Netflix for August. The series starring the best of Spanish actors (Nadia de Santiago, Blanca Suarez, Martino Rivas) returns in a new installment in which we continue to delve into the adventures of a group of telemarketers in the early 1920s. . This season promises to be full of surprises and new stories . Are you going to miss it

? ‘Dark Crystal’ (Premiere)

Release date: August 30.
Netflix’s new animated series promises to be a real blast. Ten episodes directed by Louis Leterrier that work as a prequel to the original filmreleased in 1982 by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. We will travel to a world populated by Mystics and Skekses, both races being on the brink of extinction. A pearl destined for animation lovers to have a great time.

Other series premieres in August

  • ‘The Chef’s Line’ 1 agosto
  • ‘Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir’ 1 agosto
  • ‘Derry Girls’ T2: 2 agosto
  • ‘Cannon busters’ August 16th
  • ‘La victima number 8’: August 16th
  • ‘Hero Mask’ part 2 ‘: August 16th
  • ’45 revolutions’: August 16
  • ‘Working mothers’ Season 3: August 29
  • ’13 Commandments’: 30 agosto

Premiere movies on Netflix (August)
Good news for all Netflix subscribers. There is no memory of such a large number of premiere movies on Netflix practically since the platform arrived in Spain.
Let’s go first with some of the featured movies:

‘Ex Machina’

One of the great science fiction films of recent years -courtesy of Alex Garland- returns to Netflix. In it, a worker of a great technology will begin to interact with a new robot. His mission will be to perform the Turing test, with which the degree of AI of robots and machines is measured. A very accurate reflection on the human being.

Release date: August 1.

‘Pulp Fiction’
Another of the great movies of all time that returns to Netflix. Directed by Quentin Tarantino and winner of the Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival, this gangster story is anything but a traditional gangster story . Absolutely wonderful. You have to see it now. Or see her again, but… in that case you already knew.

Release date: August 1.

‘The Big Lebowski’
The masterpiece of the Coen brothers comes to Netflix and it was a matter of time. After releasing his latest film, ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’, to North American filmmakers, there were already many who were demanding that some of his classics would arrive (in this case, return). Nothing better than ‘The Dude’ for a hot summer afternoon .

Release date: August 16.

One of the premieres of August on Netflix that makes all of us who love cinema the most excited. The great Alfred Hitchcock makes the leap to the streaming platform with nothing less than ‘Psycho’ , one of his key works and one of the most important films in the history of cinema.

Release date: August 16.

‘The Pentagon Files’

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep together on screen is not something you see every day. Well… the truth is that now yes. Netflix takes over the rights to ‘The Pentagon Files’, Steven Spielberg’s film about one of the great milestones in the world of journalism.

Release date: August 16.

  • ‘Obsession’: 1 august
  • Fast & Furious 7′: 1 agosto
  • ‘The perfect women’: August 1
  • ‘Heavyweight’: August 1
  • ‘The Smurfs’: August 1
  • ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’: 1 agosto
  • ‘Arthur Christmas’: 1 agosto
  • ‘Boyka: Undisputed’: 1 agosto
  • ‘Without identity’: August 1
  • ‘El rito’: 1st August
  • ‘Gladiator’: August 1st
  • ‘Rampant’: 1st August
  • ‘Elena’: August 3
  • ‘No one will ever know’: August 5
  • ‘Molly’s game’: 5 agosto
  • ‘King Arthur: The legend of Excalibur’: August 10
  • ‘Zam Zam’: August 15
  • ‘Paris Paris’: 15 August
  • ‘That Is Mahalakshmi’: 15 agosto
  • ‘Two for the price of one’: August 15
  • ‘Journey to the center of the Earth 2: The mysterious island’: August 15
  • ‘Ocean’s 13’: 15 agosto
  • ‘An almost funny story’: August 16
  • ‘Fatal weapon’: August 16
  • ‘Pitch Black’: 16 agosto
  • ‘Ali G anda suelto’: August 16th
  • ‘Bigfoot and the Hendersons’: August 16
  • ‘Little Switzerland’: August 16
  • ‘Bad example’: August 16
  • ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’: August 16
  • ‘Wonder Woman and Professor Warston’: August 21
  • ‘The other bodyguard’: August 24
  • ‘Steve Jobs’: August 27th
  • ‘Krampus’: 27 agosto
  • ‘Hooked to death’: August 27
  • ‘Ugly but tasty’: August 31

Premiere documentaries on Netflix (August)
This August the premiere documentaries have even more of a journalistic cast than usual . Both ‘The Family’, which is about a group of journalists who get involved in investigating a sort of Christian extremist sect; such as ‘Diagnosis’, which develops the relationship of a NYT columnist who deals with medical issues from the newspaper and how his answers influence them.
In addition to these two documentary series, we highlight:

‘River, the greatest ever’

Release date: August 1.

A documentary about River Plate, one of the two best Argentine teamsof all time, along with Boca Juniors. The history of the documentary is somewhat funny: it began to be filmed in 2017, but since they were defeated in the Copa Libertadores, it was suspended. The following year, after winning the final held in Madrid, the film team returned to work on it.

Other documentaries premiering in August

  • ‘Screwball’: 6 agosto
  • ‘The Family’ 9 agosto
  • ‘Butterfly’: August 15th
  • ‘Diagnosis’ August 16
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All the news and news about cinema and series of the moment, you will find them in this link.