Love is a beautiful but at the same time fragile feeling. In fact, to make a comparison, love could be a crystal object that must be handled with care so that it does not break into a thousand pieces. Sometimes two people meet and the fateful “spark” strikes , which leads them to plan their life together, perhaps after some time to get to know each other better. Moreover, if in the past, a love relationship led directly to marriage , today this figure is in sharp decline. In fact, according to Istat , far fewer marriages are celebrated in Italy than in the past, while the number of couples who decide to live together is increasing.

But sometimes this relationship, for one reason or another, ends in a separation, both before and after the marriage (in the latter case we speak of consensual separation and divorce). Sometimes, however, it happens that you leave each other for an unclear reason or perhaps not as important as it might seem. And then perhaps it would be worth trying to clarify and find a reconciling solution. In fact, if love is still there for both of us, it is necessary to make sure to rekindle that flame that is slowly dying out. This is because finding love nowadays is more and more difficult. So it’s good to do everything possible to get back together.If you don’t know where to start to get your ex back, you can always consult a relationship expert for helpful advice.

How to win back an ex?

We asked this question to Domenico Iapello, a Love Coach since 2011, certified NLP Practitioner (MCI) expert, who gives us useful advice to try to iron out the problems with the other person and thus return to being happy, together.

Does your ex still love you?

This is a very important question, as it can push the partner to take a useful path to win her back. The very term “recapture” is about to conquer a second time. This is because one of the reasons for the breakup may have been our behavior, which made her suffer.

Ask yourself about the reasons that led to the breakup

Reconnecting with the previous concept, if our ex continues to love us, but has left us for our behaviors and actions, a great starting point would be to understand what she doesn’t like about us, and that for a long time. going led to the inevitable breakdown. It could be habits that she doesn’t like, actions that made her suffer or more serious reasons. Understanding the causes of the breakup is the first step to ironing out the relationship, if that is possible.

Are there any techniques to win back your ex?

To this question, Iapello answers directly:

Yes, they exist. They are called emotions, communication, mental attraction, harmony and a sense of belonging. This is the best “ex reconquest” ever.