In this article we are going to discover the best theaters in Mexico. Being these structures since the Greeks (and later the Romans ) one of the neuralgic centers of society, culture and information , what less than to pay a small tribute in this article.
In addition, if we focus only on Mexico, it is because of the immense number of theaters that this country, known throughout the world for its great culture, offers.

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Best theaters in Mexico
As we will see below, many of the best theaters in Mexico have very distinctive characteristics from other Latin American and international theaters.
Whether to enjoy a great play or to visit the construction itself, if you have the opportunity you should not miss the pleasure of enjoying these beautiful places that will leave you speechless. 10. Teatro San Rafael (Mexico City)
One of the most modern theaters is also the theater that inaugurates the list of the best theaters in Mexico. With a remarkable capacity of 1,389 people , it opened its doors in 1977 with the musical comedy Mi bella dama.
San Raphael Theater. | Image: Courtesy. 9. Calderon Theater (Zacatecas)
Its construction ended in 1833 but it had to be rebuilt several times, one of them in 1914 due to the violent events of the Taking of Zacatecas between the Northern Division and the Federal Army.
Today it allows the stay of about 700 people and has a neo-Renaissance style both inside and out.
Theater located in Zacatecas. | Image: Courtesy. 8. Metropolitan Theater (Mexico City)
With a modest facade but an enormously large and elegant interior, this theater has enough capacity to hold more than 3,100 people. Thus being one of the largest in Mexico .
As if that were not enough, this is the theater that hosts the International Jazz Festival that is held periodically. How could it not appear as one of the best theaters in Mexico? 7. Teatro de la Republica (Queretaro)
It is probably the theater with the most modest facade on this list, however, it deserved to appear on this list of the best theaters in Mexico for other reasons.
It began to be built in 1845, making it one of the oldest and this has allowed it to host some of the most important historical events in the country such as the debates of the Constituent Congress in 1916, the installation of the National Revolutionary Party in 1929 or the council of war than the one that condemned Maximiliano I of Mexico, Miramon and Mejia in 1867.
A simple but effective interior. | Image: Courtesy. 6. Teatro Isauro Martinez (Torreon)
For many it is the second most beautiful theater in Mexico after the Teatro Juarez (Guanajuato). For us, it is the sixth best theater in Mexico if we take into account other factors such as its artistic implications, the number and variety of performances, and its historical weight.
In any case, it is one of the best theaters in Mexico and stands out for its neo-Gothic, Byzantine and Moorish style , with a beautiful interior and an original facade that make it stand out from other types of buildings in the area.
Isauro Martinez Theater. | Image: Courtesy. 5. Macedonio Alcala Theater (Oaxaca de Juarez)
Construction began in 1904 and it took only 6 years to build. Throughout its history it has received various names , but the most interesting thing is that at first it was a theater-casino.
Without a doubt, today it is one of the best theaters in Mexico as well as one of the most beautiful, due to its modernist aesthetic with French influences.
In it they have been made from plays and cinema functions, to boxing fights.
Macedonian Alcala Theater. | Image: Courtesy. 4. Degollado Theater (Guadalajara)
This theater is one of the best and is on the verge of entering our top 3 despite not being located in Mexico City, where not only the best theaters in Mexico are usually found, but also the most important buildings in the world. country.
It was inaugurated in 1866 and has a capacity of just over 1,000 people. In it, not only shows of all kinds and recitals are held, but it is also the official headquarters of the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra , one of the most important orchestras in the entire Latin American music scene, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015.
At an architectural level, it stands out for its neoclassical style with Italian influences that is reminiscent of the constructions of the ancient Romans.
Throat cut theatre. | Image: Courtesy.3. Teatro de los Insurgentes (Mexico City)
With a distinguished facade and more contemporary airs, we have the Teatro de los Insurgentes in the third position of the best theaters in Mexico.
Located on Calle Insurgentes Sur 1587, it has a cafeteria, a bar, a car park and special seats for people with disabilities.
This theater stands out for its particular facade. | Image: Courtesy. 2. Esperanza Iris City Theater (Mexico City)
If you are looking for a theater whose interior is like a movie, this is yours. Built at the beginning of the 20th century by what is known as the Queen of Operetta (Esperanza Iris), it was inaugurated in 1918.
Although it suffered a fire in 1984,It was effectively restored and today it is considered one of the best theaters in Mexico and probably one of the most beautiful in all of Latin America (not to mention the world).
Interior of the Esperanza Iris City Theater. | Image: Courtesy. 1. Palacio de Bellas Artes (Mexico City)
Being really difficult to choose a winner in this competitive list, we have decided to place the Palacio de Bellas Artes as the best theater in Mexico for its historical importance, its unique architectural taste and its location in the Historic Center from the city.
This palace was abandoned for most of the time between 1917 and 1929.
Fortunately, today it is fully active and attracts visitors from all over the world.. And if you are Mexican and live nearby, you should go at least once in your life; not only because of the theater performances, but because it is considered the neuralgic center of the arts in Mexico.
Here our winner. | Image from: Wikimedia Commons.

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