Our life is full of phrases for all tastes, ideal for the different moments we go through. There are some clever phrases that are suitable only for those more thoughtful people , who have a special way of seeing and interpreting the world around them.

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50 phrases for thinking minds
The following intelligent phrases have been pronounced by some of the most brilliant minds in the history of mankind and they give us a great life lesson.

1. The most difficult thing is to know ourselves; the easiest thing is to speak ill of others (Tales of Miletus)
It is very easy to criticize other people and not have a self-critical spirit towards our actions. While we forget to know ourselves, we are too busy looking at what others do . The Greek philosopher highlights this issue, a feature that unfortunately still persists.

2. We do not judge the people we love (Jean-Paul Sartre)
On the contrary, love blinds us to the flaws of that special person. It is the job of each individual to remove the veil from before their eyes.

3. Knowledge is power (Francis Bacon)
A great intelligent phrase according to which, knowledge is the main tool that will allow us to do everything we set out to do. It only takes that, the will to love.

4. We are all made of flesh and a miraculous fiber called ‘courage’ (Mignon McLaughlin)
A sharp perspective to observe life, which reminds us that although we are matter in decomposition, we have an inner light that pushes us to face adversity .

5. It takes courage to rise up against enemies, but much more to rise up against our friends (JKRowling)

Not everyone is capable of something like that.

6. Someone intelligent learns from the experience of others (Voltaire)
For one of the fathers of the French Revolution, intelligence is that ability to learn and to apply the vital experiences that occur to us in our daily lives.

7. No matter how many times life has hit me, it still hasn’t taken my smile away (Francis Castel)
Our friend Francis is unable to stop smiling even when adversity seems to overwhelm him. This great clever phrase lives up to your positive thinking of him. Thanks mate.

8. Young people need models, not critics (John Wooden)
If the younger generations are hope, they have to feel that they are trusted to bequeath the world to them.

9. Our perfect companions never have less than four legs (Sidonie – Gabrielle Colette)
A small dose of reality comes from the French novelist, who gives us one of the best intelligent phrases, not suitable for sentimentaloids who blindly believe in average orange. Any animal is better than the most beautiful of people.

10. Experience is the cane of the blind (Jacques Roumain)
Only from it can we glimpse the world that has been placed in front of us.

11. It is easy to be brave from a safe distance (Aesopo)
An allusion to how easy it is to see everything from the protection of our comfort zone .

12. Work without love is called ‘slavery’ (Maria Teresa de Calcutta)
This very intelligent phrase is to remind us that we don’t have to go through certain situations at work with the excuse of collecting our salary. Above that, is our dignity.

13. The human being is pleased to list his sorrows, without listing his joys (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

Sometimes we are so focused on the negative that we forget our triumphs.

14. Make sure that your worst enemy does not live between your two ears (Laird Hamilton)
Recommendation of the Hawaiian surfer. Sometimes, we put the biggest impediment on ourselves, so stop boycotting us and let’s move on.

15. The wise are those who seek wisdom; fools think they have found it (Napoleon)
Wise people are characterized by their humility and willingness to continue learning, thanks to it they expand their knowledge. The wise man will never be satisfied with what he knows. The same does not happen with fools.

16. Conscience is the compass of the human being (Vincent Van Gogh)
We leave this famous quote to show us that conscience is often the best of advisers.

17. Every tear teaches us a truth (Platon)
It is not always the words that contain the absolute truth.Feelings reflect a great truth that they cannot always express.

18. You can not enjoy life if you do not feed your body (Tracey Gold)
He is so intelligent that he cares about cultivating the mind as well as his body. If we do not feed it correctly and take care of it, our health suffers.

19. Intelligence and common sense make their way with few artifices (Johan Wolfgang von Goethe)
It is enough with a little ingenuity to be able to develop our capacities. The rest are mere additions .

20. Do it or don’t do it, but don’t try it (Yoda)
The wise Jedi Master contributed one of the most memorable intelligent phrases of The Empire Strikes Back, the best installment of the galactic saga. If things are done, they are done to the last consequences; you don’t have to stop halfway.

21. A friend is a person with whom you can think out loud (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

With real friends we can show ourselves as we are , without fear of being judged or questioned. Do you know someone with whom you can be yourself

22. I have committed the worst sin one can commit: I have not been happy (Jorge Luis Borges)
Let’s learn from one of the best intelligent phrases that Borges leaves us and avoid keeping ourselves so busy that we we end up forgetting to be happy.

23. Animals are very good friends: they do not ask questions, they do not criticize (Mary Anne Evans, as “George Eliot”)
No matter what we have done, animals will always show us loyalty and will never leave our side. Can we say the same about people?

24. Whoever has patience will get what he wants (Benjamin Franklin)
Many statements like this tell us about the virtue of being patient and not wanting to rush things. Everything comes, if we know how to look for it and give it time.

25. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them (Walt Disney)
And we would add: “… and you don’t give up” .

26. There are no bad young people, but misguided young people (San Juan Bosco)
They say that young people are a product of the system, is that right?

27. It is better to know one thing about everything than to know everything about one thing (Blaise Pascal)
It is often believed that an intelligent person is someone who knows a lot about a particular field, but what It is true that this will never be better than knowing a few data from various fields.

28. When the forces fail, the spirits decline. Only you are capable of finding breath in the undergrowth (Juan Armando Corbin)
One of the best intelligent phrases in our compilation is offered by the brilliant Argentine psychologist, to whom we send a warm greeting.

29. Life is what happens next to you while you are busy making other plans (John Lennon)
We better live it to the fullest,Or we’ll regret it when we look back.

30. What we know is a drop of water; what we ignore is the ocean (Isaac Newton)
We will never reach full knowledge of everything, human beings will be in constant learning until the day we die. This famous quote should make us aware that we should not be proud.

31. If you are going to cry for someone, do it today until you can’t anymore… But tomorrow, smile (Joaquin Sabina)
Nobody deserves to spend more time than necessary in our thoughts, so if someone makes you cry, as they say in Spain: ” to something else, butterfly ”.

32. Few are those who have enough courage to recognize their failures, or enough resolution to repair them (Benjamin Franklin)
Great saying about how hard it is to admit and be willing to fix our mistakes.

33. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take (Wayne Gretzky)
Athletes like this former hockey player remind us that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes when we act, the point is not to stand still or we will not learn anything.

34. True value lies between cowardice and recklessness (Miguel de Cervantes)
Intelligent phrases like this serve to make us aware of how important it is to find a balance between both qualities.

35. Creativity comes from the conflict between ideas (Donatella Versace)
The result of the clash of ideas is where creativity has its maximum exponent.

36. Only you can decide what to do with the time that has been given to you (Gandalf the Grey)
The best character in Tolkien’s work advises Frodo (and the viewer) that we are ultimately responsible for the time we have in this life to make it count to the max.

37. When the wise man points to the Moon, the fool stares at the finger (ancient Chinese proverb)
An intelligent phrase not suitable for all minds, according to which we must see things from a general perspective, in order to prioritize what is important in what is not.

38. If you are going to be a failure, at least be one in something you enjoy (Sylvester Stallone)
Enjoy what you do without caring what others think.

39. Moralists are people who scratch where others itches (Samuel Beckett)

There are those who do not bite their tongues even if it is not politically correct . Bravo for them.

40. Genius consists of 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration (Thomas Edison)
It’s not just about having an idea, said the inventor of the light bulb, but about working to get it off the ground.

41. The brain is a wonderful organ: it begins to work as soon as we get up and does not stop working until we enter the office (Robert Frost)

We love the scathing intelligent phrases of the American poet. For him, enslaved jobs and the accelerated pace of life in these modern times are the worst enemies to fully develop our abilities.

42. You are a magician, not a genius. You have to get your hands dirty to achieve the impossible (Michael Caine)
The veteran actor knows how important effort and sacrifice are to succeed in life.

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43. Experience has no ethical value, it is simply the name we give to our mistakes (Oscar Wilde)
For the famous Irish writer, experience is achieved thanks to mistakes. A great intelligent phrase that no one should lose sight of, especially those with a fear of failure.

44. Enjoy life, this is not an essay (Friedrich Nietzsche)
Ingenious statement by the German philosopher, who encourages us not to waste any moment that life offers, because we will not have a second chance.

45. The reward for a good deed is in having done it (Seneca)
Do we act selflessly when it comes to doing a good deed or do we actually unconsciously expect a reward in return
More than intelligent reflection that we should do in these times where true altruism is in the doldrums.

46. ​​Find the ecstasy of life; the mere feeling of living is joy enough (Emily Dickinson)
One of the intelligent phrases of the American poet could not be missing, about the importance that we should be happy for the mere fact of living.

47. In life, sometimes you win; other times you learn (John Maxwell)
Even the most unpleasant moments help us grow as people.

48. Only one’s own personal experience makes a wise man
. We cannot base knowledge on the experiences of others. It will be what happens to us in our personal experience that will make us learn.

49. If you pick up a hungry dog ​​and make it prosperous, it won’t bite you. That is the main difference between a dog and a man (Mark Twain)

Many human beings would like to be as loyal and noble as animals such as dogs and cats.

50. A minute of reconciliation has more merit than a lifetime of friendship (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
True courage lies in knowing how to forgive ourselves and others. We cannot lose years of friendship due to brawls, since conflicts help us to overcome them together with our friends.

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