Society has been changing over the years, that is more than evident. This gradual progress has brought with it changes at various levels, made possible by technological advances, which in turn have led to a change in the needs of citizens. One area that has been transformed the most has been that of old trades, professions that are no longer carried out or that have ceased to exist.

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20 old trades that no longer exist
The jobs of yesteryear sought to cover needs that could not be resolved due to lack of technology: 1. Usher
Someone was left when a server was already born, although by then it was rare to see them. In cinemas or theaters it was common to find this figure, whose task was to accompany those attending these events inside the room and, once inside, indicate which were their seats. The usher worked with a flashlight to avoid carrying out his work in the dark and to provide customers with a better service.
Likewise, he stayed inside the room and ordered the noisy public to shut up, something they miss., especially in certain movie theaters, invaded by hordes of feral cavemen who do not know how to keep their forms or respect others. 2. Water carrier
The water carrier walked the old cobbled streets of the cities and towns, carrying a wooden cart (usually pulled by dragging animals) that was loaded with pitchers full of water. His profession consisted of providing drinking water to homes when there was no running water system.
However, in certain remote areas of the planet there are still water carriers, especially the most impoverished . 3. Pinsetter
In the bowling alleys of yesteryear
, when someone scored and knocked the pins down, who do you think put them back in position ? that you could continue playing.
However, with the appearance of machines that perform this function and that return the balls once they disappear through the hole, being a pin setter became another of the old jobs that no longer exist . 4. Mattress
Few will remember or have experienced what it was like to sleep on a wool mattress. Accustomed to synthetic and ergonomic materials, the truth is that this may sound like a relic. However, formerlyall the mattresses were made of wool , a fabric that deformed the piece over time.
As long as it regained its shape and could continue to be used without discomfort, it was sent to the mattress maker, who managed to return it to its original state by hitting it with a stick . 5. Midwife
Also known as “midwives”, these were women specialized in assistance during childbirth. When it was time to bring the newborn into the world, the midwife would go to the mother’s home, stand between her legs and help her expel the baby .
It is not that it is a profession that is already history, because the maternity areas of hospitals have what have come to be called “midwives” or “obstetric professionals”, people with specialized training who monitor pregnancy , including aspects related to the health of the mother and the baby.