Deciding which PS2 games should be part of a list that includes the best is not a task that should be done lightly. If you are old enough, surely you fondly remember the hours spent in front of the screen , alone or with your friends, having a great time playing these gems of entertainment.

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10 PS2 games for the most nostalgic
We are sure that you agree with our selection of games; however, it is impossible to please everyone, so we already apologize for those who have been left out and are not on this list.

10. Kingdom Hearts (2002)
What can go wrong mixing the world of Disney with the universe of Final Fantasy
Rather little. In this ingenious proposal from the production company Square Enix, we follow Sora, who must find his friends traveling through the different Disney worlds that we saw in the most mythical movies. In this way, each level will involve a series of obstacles that she must overcome to get closer to her goal.

9. Guitar Hero (2005)
If you’re one of those who emulated your favorite rock stars playing guitar in the air or pretending to do it with a broom, you surely jumped for joy when Guitar Hero was released. In this simulator, the classic console controller is replaced by a guitar-shaped device with buttons on each fret, corresponding to each note that we will have to play when indicated, so that the song sounds correctly.
For a few moments, become a member of such emblematic groups as Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Queen and many more in this mass phenomenon dedicated to music lovers.

8. Burnout 3: Takedown (2004)
Among the PS2 racing games, this prank could not be missing in which, unlike other similar ones,the player’s objective is to cause as much damage as possible to the rest of the drivers in exchange for different bonuses. However, Burnout 3 also allows us to participate in races where (surprise!), only the last car standing can win. Bring out your fitipaldi side and warm up!

7. Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time (2003)
Although we declare ourselves fans of the second installment (The Soul of the Warrior), released a year later, this first part deserves its place of honor for having allowed that one. It is also one of the most innovative games for PlayStation 2, which will give us the possibility of performing stunts that will break all the laws of physics.(running on walls, time travel, climbing impossible ledges or jumping long distances, among other skills).
The prince that gives the game its name is a brave warrior who, after taking the valuable Dagger of Time to give to his father, accidentally opens a huge clock in which the Sands of Time are contained. From this moment on, the hero will have the ability to manipulate time at will , but he will be prey to a terrible curse that will haunt him throughout each of the sequels.

6. Silent Hill 2 (2001)
Choosing from all the horror game options in the PlayStation 2 catalog hasn’t been an easy task either. Finally, after considering options like Alone in the Dark, Manhunt, Project Zero or Resident Evil 4 (the strongest candidate), we are left with Silent Hill 2.
Set ten years after the original, we meet James Sunderland, who lost his wife after succumbing to illness. One day, James receives a strange letter signed by his missing love of hers and praying that he can find her in a place that was important to both of them in her day: Silent Hill. Without hesitation, James will enter the mist that covers this ghostly city, where reality overlaps with other dimensions in which dark creatures await that will test his mental resistance.

5. Final Fantasy X (2001)
This tenth part of the fantasy saga was the first to be available for PlayStation 2. Among its novelties, I highlight the inclusion of voices for the characters, thus leaving aside the deaf dialogues based on subtitles . On the other hand, Final Fantasy X revealed to us a much more elaborate and colorful virtual world than what we had seen so far in the series.
Like many other PS2 games, Final Fantasy X spawned a sequel, which would arrive in 2003; already a high definition remaster for PlayStation3 and 4.

4. Star Wars: Battlefront (2004)
How many times have you dreamed of becoming one of the characters from Star Wars
Now you can do it by participating in the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War, you decide. But you will not only be able to choose which conflict you want to fight, but you will also be able to decide the side : clones or androids of the Federation on the one hand; rebels or imperial soldiers, on the other.
Enjoy this fast-paced shooter in which you will have to conquer the different scenarios if you want your army to win each campaign. Suitable both for the most fans of the galactic saga and for those who get fully into the action of this type of game. Will the Dark or the Light Side Triumph?

3. God of War (2005)
Kratos is very pissed off, so be careful not to offend him.This demigod has lost his family because of Ares’ betrayal and seeks revenge for it. On his way, he will fight against all kinds of creatures from Greek mythology and will have to face various heroes sent to stop his advance. As the character gains combat experience, he will become a bloodthirsty being that even the most powerful gods cannot defeat.

God of War is one of the most brutal, violent and imaginative PS2 games of the past decade. Such was its success that it gave rise to several subsequent sequels and prequels.

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)
Rockstar released three of the best installments of its most profitable franchise for PlayStation 2: Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas.
Although any of this triad would deserve its place in this list, we decided to keep GTA: San Andreas as the company’s masterpiece , among other reasons because of the improvements over its predecessors: better graphics; the possibility of swimming when we fall into the water and not drowning (something that happens more than we think); new weapons, tricks and vehicles; more hours of play and a much larger and more interactive map.

The action moves to the wars between gangs fighting for control of the underworld in the suburbs of Los Santos (digital counterpart of Los Angeles). However, the plot, full of betrayals and script twists, will also take us through other cities that are reminiscent of other iconic American enclaves.
A delight that you will not be able to stop playing and that you will surely repeat.

1. Shadow of the Colossus (2005)
We have reached the end of this nostalgia trip. Shadow of the Colossus marked a before and after in the era of PS2 games , mainly due to its impressive animation and gameplay that allowed us to move freely through the huge map in which the action takes place.
In this gigantic world of scenarios of all kinds, inhabit beings called “Colossi”, 16 gigantic divinities that the protagonist must defeat if he wants to save his beloved, imprisoned in an eternal sleep. To achieve this, he will have to climb the body of each of these leviathans until he finds their weak points.and pierce them with his sword; although first he must find the hiding place where they wait sleepily, no easy task when the terrain is unknown.
For us, Shadow of the Colossus is the jewel in the crown of fantasy and adventure video games, thanks not only to its almost cinematographic staging, but also to a soundtrack that manages to give it the epic touch that this type of proposal needs. .

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