Who thought that the Japanese only know how to make love stories or full of fantasy
? They are also experts in turning our stomachs! Check it out with this list of the best gore anime, reserved only for staunch lovers of scenes with high doses of hemoglobin and violence.

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Top 10 Gore Anime For Strong Stomachs
Open an umbrella and take cover, because you might end up drenched in blood after the following selection of recommended gore anime. 10. Genocyber (1994)
A story about this being, the Genocyber, a biological weapon created by a mad scientist from the combined DNA of two sisters. The creature becomes the protagonist of five independent stories of cyberpunk aesthetics , where blood and the most horrifying eviscerations at the hands of the mutant will not be lacking.
If you were looking for a classic anime gore explicit, Genocyber will meet all your expectations. 9. Gantz (2004)
Gantz has a proposal as original as it is violent: the protagonist dies after trying unsuccessfully to save a beggar. From there, he gets into a game of cat and mouse, which he must participate in if he wants to come back to life. Now, for this, he must eliminate a race of aliens and, under no circumstances, he can talk about it to anyone. The reason?
Because those who go out of their way in Gantz, literally lose their minds.
One of those uncensored gore animes, where there will be liters of blood and guts , in addition to including nude scenes. 8. Deadman Wonderland (2011)
Unjustly accused of the murder of all his classmates, Ganta receives a strange power granted by the being that has gotten him into this mess: thanks to a powerful crystal that he will house in his chest, the young student will be able to manipulate his own blood, giving it all kinds of shapes and consistencies .
Ganta will be sentenced to death and sent to Deadman Wonderland, a theme park from which only one will come out alive from the Carnival Corpse, bloody games that pit inmates against each other for survival. If Ganta wants to live, he must manage not to be the next victim and use his new powers. 7.Blood C+ (2005 – 2006)
Saya inherits a sword from her deceased mother, from whom she discovers what her real past was: to fight and eliminate some anthropophobic creatures, half human, half bat, very given to the mutilation of their prey. From that moment, the protagonist must continue with the family tradition of liquidating these monsters , if she wants to avoid the annihilation of the human species.
In gore animes like Blood C+ we will witness the most shocking and unforgiving deaths, especially when Saya grabs her sword and unleashes a blood frenzy, leaving an endless trail of corpses . 6. Fist of the North Star (1984 – 1987)
The Earth has been left desolate after a nuclear catastrophe, the result of World War 3. Kenshiro, master of the martial art “Hokuto Shinken”, walks through this inert wasteland where water has become the most precious resource. This vigilante will not hesitate to use his abilities to defend the most unprotected , fighting the attacks of groups of mercenaries that patrol the area.
Fist of the North Star is one of the longest-running and most successful anime in Japan , since over the years, several movies have been shot, in addition to the series itself. In the same way, many graphic novels have been published and even video games have been produced. 5. When They Cry (2006)
If gore anime with touches of psychological suspense are your thing, you can’t miss Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, although we warn you that it has a confusing plot and you’re going to have to pay all your attention to this series.
It all begins when a girl arrives in the town of Hinamizawa. There she meets several people and becomes friends with some of the girls from the institute, who tell her about the local festival called “Watanagashi”, during which the locals pay tribute to a deity. But what she does not know is that during the last four celebrations, the town suffers a curse unleashed by this divine being , which results in the death of one neighbor and the kidnapping of another. 4. Berserk (1997)
Of the futuristic dystopias that we saw in Fist of the North Star,We jump back in time and move to medieval times .
There, Gatsu (“guts”, in English) joins a band of mercenaries led by Griffith. In this uncensored gore anime, the atypical group will embark on all kinds of missions , which will lead to high doses of violence, blood, mutilations and even rape. 3. Another (2012)
After the shocking death of one of his students, the classmates of a school in Japan try to recover normalcy. Years later, a new student joins the same class as the deceased. Coinciding with this new addition, students and teachers begin to die in strange circumstances and in the bloodiest ways.
Although it is set in a high school, Another is one of those extreme gore animes, which has no mercy in showing the most unimaginable deaths possible, both of teenagers and teachers. 2. Elfen Lied (2004)
Lucy is a mutant girl who narrowly escapes from a facility, after sadistically murdering the guards guarding her. After that incident, the girl manages to blend into the population as if she were one more , although she is endowed with a pair of horns that give her telekinetic powers with which she can kill with it just by thinking about it.
Little by little, Lucy will discover that she is not the only mutant who has fled that compound, when she meets others with immense abilities like hers.This series reflects on the abuse of minors or the innocence of childhood , without forgetting the basic ingredients in uncensored gore anime: a lot of blood, viscera, amputated limbs or busted heads. 1. Hellsing Ultimate (2006 – 2012)
If you are looking for gore anime that includes fantasy themes, vampires and hemoglobin in abundance, Hellsing Ultimate is the best of all the options in the genre .
The Hellsing Organization is a secret society, founded by the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing, that secretly fights all kinds of creatures from the Underworld. Alucard works for them, a vampire who will face his fellowin order to protect the members of the British royalty. This atypical protagonist will offer us a festival of severed heads, blood and cannibalism without comparison.
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