One server was already missing two-time Oscar nominee David Fincher (‘Gone Girl’, ‘The Social Network’, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) returning to the big screen in style. And what if he will, he will have Oscar winner Gary Oldman (‘Darkest Hour’) in this new project and it will be his first feature film project for the red N streaming giant.

What was ‘Mank’ about?
‘Mank’ will focus on the life of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, known throughout the history books of cinema and Classic Hollywood, as the co-writer of Orson Welles’ debut feature, ‘Citizen Kane ‘ (1941).
Mankiewicz, in addition to being known at the beginning of Classic Hollywood, back in the 1920s, as one of the highest paid screenwriters in the emerging industry, was also involved in the production of some of the Marx Brothers films .
Everything has been said, it is also true, that the screenwriter, despite being a genius in his field, especially in the recurrent use of acid humor, very characteristic in his scripts, was also one of the professionals with the highest alcohol rate in industry blood: yes, Mankiewicz was an alcoholic until the end of his days.
Gary Oldman to star in ‘Mank’ | Europa Press

A Howard Fincher project
And many of you may wonder, who is Howard Fincher?
Well, it’s not the million dollar question either: it’s the filmmaker’s father, who was the former head of Life magazine. Howard Fincher would have been the main architect of ‘Mank’, having written the script in the 90s
. In fact, David Fincher’s intention was to have been able to carry out the project after releasing ‘The Game’ (1997). And surprise, surpriseā€¦ His first protagonist was initially going to be Kevin Spacey (‘Se7en’) who is, without a doubt, Fincher’s favorite actor.
This would therefore be the ideal occasion for the filmmaker to take a great weight off him for not having been able to carry out his father’s project. Howard Fincher passed away in 2003; so we can understandthat with all certainty, this is the most personal project of the director’s career.
The film will finally star Gary Oldman, it will be recorded in black and white, paying homage to Welles’s film, but focusing above all on the figure of Mankiewicz, his alcoholism and the hard creative and writing process that ‘Citizen Kane’ entailed. under the strict supervision of Welles.
This would not be the first film that deals with the collaboration of writer and director: ‘RKO 281. The battle for Citizen Kane’, a television film starring John Malcovich (‘Of Mice and Men’) as Mankiewicz and Liev Schreiber (‘RayDonovan’) as Welles had already done in 1999.

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