Famous horror movies: in this post we are going to tell you about those that for us are the best horror films, that is, those that have kept us in suspense. In this ranking, which I would say personal and subjective, they will refer to the best horror films of all time, from Hitchcock’s films to the most recent ones. Because the thrill has no age! This post follows the long wave of previous ones related to genres that are completely different from this one, such as action movies and the ranking of the best love movies of all time .

So let’s start immediately with our ranking of horror movies recommended for you for your creepy night!

Nosferatu the vampire

We want to begin our roundup of famous horror films with the film ” Nosferatu the Vampire ” (in mother tongue osferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) , produced in 1922. The film, by German director  Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau , is a masterpiece of the genre and yes based on Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel “Dracula”. The plot tells of a real estate agent who goes to the Carpathians, Romania, to close a sales contract on behalf of Count Orlok and who finds himself living this horror story, when he realizes that in reality this count is nothing more than a bloodthirsty vampire . It’s a silent movie and Nosferatu is a classic movie that will keep you awake at night.

The Shining

Here we go to a slightly more modern film, dated 1980, made by the genius of Stanley Kubrick and based on Stephen King’s masterpiece. The Shining stars an American family, the Torrances, who are hired to manage a hotel lost in a mountain for the entire winter period. Jack is a writer who feels he can have the time and the right inspiration to finally concludes his novel and is accompanied by his wife Wendy and his son Danny, who has particular extrasensory powers, thanks to which he discovers the real story of this disturbing place . One of the best horror movies of all time.


Let’s go back twenty years: Psyco is perhaps the most famous film made by the yellow genius Alfred Hitchcock , who also experienced a remake twenty years ago. The story on which the film is based tells of the young Marion Crane , a secretary of a real estate agency, who for love steals $ 40,000 from her boss and intends to run away with Sam Loomis , a local entrepreneur with whom she has a relationship . During the escape, the girl who travels alone, takes refuge for the night in a motel, the Bates Motel, run by the young Normanand his creepy mom, who watches them from the window of their motel house … a masterpiece, which was ranked number 14 among the best American films of all time by the American Film Institute.

Halloween: The night of the witches

A film produced in 1978 by John Carpenter and starring young Jamie Lee Curtis , Halloween tells the story of a murderous serial killer named Michael Meyers , who escaped from an asylum in which he lived most of his life for his murderous instincts. claims victims in his hometown of Haddonfield. But his ultimate goal of him is to kill his sister of him: Laurie Strode (precisely played by Jamie Lee Curtis). The film became famous for the mask worn by the murderer and for the day the murders take place (precisely on Halloween). After this several sequels have been played such as the last one titled “Halloween Kills”, but the first is always the best!

Nightmare: From the depths of the night

Now we are catapulted into the famous 80s, introducing you to one of the recommended horror films , namely Nightmare, which was made in 1984, written and directed by Wes Craven . The story tells of Freddy Kruger, a man who died a few years earlier, burned and who returns from the world of dreams to avenge his death di lui. In fact, the man, disfigured and equipped with clawed gloves, appears in the dreams of his victims and kills them in the most atrocious ways. This film, given the success at the box office, was re-released in numerous sequels. Now you will be more afraid of falling asleep at night ..

The Ring

Now we screen ourselves among the most recent films and we talk about the horror film ” The Ring “, directed by director Hideo Nakata in 2002. The story tells of two teenage friends, Katie and Becca , who talk about a videotape that would cause the death of those who he sees it, after looking at it, after 7 days. It would seem an urban legend and instead after watching it, Katie really dies. The event also marks Katie’s cousin di lei, Aidan , a child very attached to his cousin di lei and with her strange sensory powers di lei. Her mother di lei Rachel, a Seattle journalist begins to investigate to find out the truth. She truths that she will be anything but pleasant ..


IT has just recently been reproduced in the cinema in its new guise, but the original film is dated 1990 and based on the successful book, IT, written by the genius of horror, namely Stephen King . The story tells of an ancestral monster who takes the form of a clown. The story begins with the famous scene of the little boat made to sail on the beating water, in the street, by little Georgie, who runs into this clown, near a manhole, who sucks him underground and devours him. Following this story, his brother di lui Bill and his friends di lui will hunt down the clown (who actually seems to haunt them) to defeat him and restore calm to the city.

The exorcist

For me the best horror film of all time  and timeless. The Exorcist is a film that aired in 1973 and directed by William Friedkin , based on the novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty .

The story tells of the exorcism practiced on a little girl named Regan , possessed by a demon named Pazuzu by a young Jesuit priest of Greek origins, Damien Karras , who gets help from an older colleague of his. specialized in exorcisms. A film that will really make you jump out of your chair and for which some scenes were initially cut because they were defined too bloody, and then finally aired in their full version in 2000. The horror masterpiece for us is this!


2014 film directed by John Leonetti , which tells the story of  Annabelle , a doll with supernatural powers, obviously evil, which will put a strain on the existence of a newly married couple waiting for their first child. This film represents a presequel of Conjuring – The Summoning, which tells the story of the Warren couple, who have the ability to drive away evil spirits. A low-budget film that has garnered a good following. Recommended for those who want to stay awake at night ..

The silence of the lambs

The silence of the lambs is one of those films that made the history of the genre. The film is from 1991, directed by  Jonathan Demme and starring the couple Jodie Foster-Anthony Hopkins . The film is based on the novel of the same name by  Thomas Harris centered on the figure of the serial killer  Hannibal Lecter .

Hannibal Lecter eats human flesh and enjoys torturing his victims but has long been confined to a criminal asylum. The plot of the film tells of the young police detective Clarince Starling , who gets help in solving a case linked to another serial killer by Hannibal Lecter, with whom she establishes an almost friendly relationship. A film not to be missed!

Deep red

Here is an all-Italian film dated 1975, a masterpiece by Dario Argento and perhaps the most successful film by the Italian director, which over time has become a cult of the genre. The story begins with a German medium, Helga Ulmann , who, during a conference demonstrating her qualities di lei, perceives the presence of a murderer and a blade that pierces her. Shortly thereafter she is found dead as she had predicted. The killer is wearing a black raincoat and a hat. Who will be? It’s up to you to find out by watching the movie!

The evocation – The Conjuring

The Summoning – The Conjuring is a 2013 film and directed by James Wan , the first of the saga that stars the pair of paranormal researchers, Ed and Lorraine Warren , whose experiences had previously inspired other successful horror films such as Amityville Horror and The Haunting in Connecticut (also based on real events).

The story in question is set in the US state of New England in the early 1970s when the couple helps a young family drive out evil spirits that had infested their home. James Wan’s skill as a director is that of giving life to objects of the house, at first sight harmless, which thanks to particular noises and shots can cause a strong sense of disquiet and also give you the awareness of how fear in humans is. triggered by small reactions to audio-visual stimuli. A film that will make you tremble with terror!

The shark

Another horror masterpiece is The Jaws , directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975 and has become a cult of the genre.

The film tells the story of a shark that terrorizes the small island of Amity, New England, and claims its victims once they venture out to sea. On the hunt for the shark there is the local police chief, Martin Brody , who wants at all costs to stop this trail of blood.

This film won 3 Oscars, editing, soundtrack (who doesn’t remember it?)  And soundtrack , as well as dedicating Steven Spielberg to the general public. The film, followed by three other sequels, was voted one of the best American films of all time by the American Film Institute .

Do not open that door

Here we come to another cult of the genre, Don’t Open That Door,  an independent and low budget film from 1974, directed by  Tobe Hooper .

The film tells the story of a group of five boys who end up in the clutches of a family of sadistic murderers, including the monstrous Leatherface , who becomes one of the most famous serial killers in horror cinema. The character stands out for a human skin mask, a bloody butcher’s apron and above all for his chainsaw, which he uses as a weapon to massacre the victims.

“The film you are about to see is an account of the tragedy that befell five young men, in particular Sally Hardesty and her invalid brother Franklin. The fact that they were young makes everything much more tragic, their young lives were cut short by events so absurd and macabre that perhaps even they would never have thought of living … for them an idyllic summer afternoon trip turns into tragedy. The events of that day led to the discovery of one of the most heinous crimes in American history. “

A film that will make you stand up in fear!

Saw – The Riddler

Another famous saga is that of Saw – The Riddler , begun in 2004 by the film produced by  Twisted Pictures  and Evolution Entertainment , directed by director James Wan . Still today there is an active production of sequels, not always in reality at the height of the first film.

The plot tells the story of two men, who, once kidnapped by a crazy character, are imprisoned without any possibility of getting out. These two will be forced to pass tests that will put a strain on their body and nerves, revealing the human essence of survival.

Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is a horror film of 2019 based on the famous novel by Stephen King of 1983, the latter which has seen its popularity grow for the transposition of many of his works to the cinema.

In truth that of 2019 is a remake of a previous film dated 1989 entitled “Living Cemetery”.

The story tells of a house located close to an old Indian cemetery, which comes to life in the middle of the night, together with those who are buried there.

A shivering story …

The killer doll

The killer doll is also a remake of a successful film saga dedicated to the horror genre, aired on the small screen between the 80s and the early 90s. In fact, the previous film dated 1989, grossed nearly 45 million dollars at the box office, setting the stage for many other sequels.

The story tells of a doll named Chucky, inside which lies the spirit of a serial killer, ready to kill anyone who stands in his way, but which is bought by a child, unaware of everything.

One of the icons of horror films of the golden years, to see and review!

Our roundup of famous horror movies is over. Now you just have to look for these films and see them all in one breath!