Lipstick  is the best ally of the smile. Choosing the right one is fundamental because, you know, a smile is beauty and seduction as well as a reason to feel good about ourselves. However, the choice is not so obvious: we women navigate between the texture, the finish, the brightness, the formulation but also the pleasant taste and smell of a lipstick, eventually falling into total confusion.
The truth is that opting for the perfect lipstick  , the one that enhances every woman’s smile, means knowing 4 simple rules. And here they are, revealed, the 4 secrets that will make you show off a star smile .

Dental care

The lipstick enhances our mouth and the center of attention is also her, our teeth . Any type of lipstick, even the ideal one, would clash with poorly maintained teeth. Just think of the famous coffee or smoke stains, so aesthetically unpleasant and enemies for tooth enamel. Eating habits and hygiene have consequences in terms of health also for our teeth , therefore, cleaning and care are the basis. The choice of the ideal lipstick also depends on this.

The undertone

Knowing the color of the undertone is essential to choose the right lipstick color and have a perfect make-up . But what, then, is an undertone? As the word itself says, it is the color that is “under” the surface and can be cold if with a blue base, or warm if with a yellow or orange base. The color of the pigments is what makes a lipstick cold or hot. The undertone is important in relation to the shade of the color of the teeth and our complexion. In the first case, the tooth enamelrepresents an element that affects the choice of our perfect lipstick: peach colors, dark ones and all reds are, in fact, suitable for those who show off very white teeth. But don’t worry, even those with a less bright color have the right – and the pleasure – to “wear” a lipstick. Just opt ​​for glossy formulas that give an effect of brilliance, not pearly, as they contain golden reflections that produce the opposite effect to the desired one, and finally for cold tones since blue-based lipsticks and lip glosses, i.e. containing the pigment blue, cool the “warm” color of the teeth, making them appear whiter. Cold reds, of course, are a must, and they look good on everyone. As for the complexion, however, the rule is to follow the undertone of your skin so as not to create an excessive detachment between colors that would lead to a jarring effect.

The type of lips

If you have thin lips , it is  better to enhance them by applying glosses and shiny or bright lipsticks which, through their mirror effect, increase their volume and choosing soft colors, such as nude and pink, but also gold and bronze, which help to visually dilate the lips.
Those who, on the other hand, have plump lips must aim for lipsticks with a matte and opaque finish, with dark and intense tones that dampen the thickness of the lips, and must apply the product by tapping it with the fingers in order to obtain a softer effect.
Finally, for those who have more irregular lips

– upper lip less fleshy than the lower one – it is useful to apply a little gloss in the center of the lips, focusing more on the less voluminous one and apply a little light concealer over the center of the lip, where the classic “M” is born, blending it up to the bridge of the nose.

The size of the mouth

A wide mouth can be resized thanks to the use of a pencil and a concealer through which to trace an outline facing more inside the natural line of the lips, also delimiting the corners, and in addition, glossy lipsticks with light shades are recommended. Avoid the dark ones that tend to enhance and make the mouth showy in all its size. On the contrary, a small
mouth requires gloss and lipsticks with bright and dark shades, slightly opaque, preceded by the application of a flesh-colored pencil to enlarge the lip contour.

So how to choose the right color ? You can rely on your taste and what you like best but keeping these four rules in mind you will be sure to have the perfect lipstick on that will make you feel like real divas .