There is no better scapegoat in America than Marilyn Manson . When a massacre occurs in an institute, the first culprit is always him. If you have seen Bowling for Columbine you will know that he was singled out as one of the main culprits for inciting hatred and violence with his music, however, the maturity with which he speaks in the interview after the film is surprising. As a fan of his, that impressed me a lot.
His fame precedes him, because this controversial artist loves to sow discord in puritanical America, whose values ​​he deeply hates. It is not strange then that, in any conversation, when the name of Marilyn Manson comes up, all kinds of hoaxes and theories are thrown on the table , each one more disgusting and indecent than the previous one.
Therefore, it is important to separate the truth from the lie and know that there is truth in all these rumors. These are the myths and truths in the life of Brian Hugh Warner, the artist who has turned an entire nation upside down .

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False myths about Marilyn Manson
To begin with, we are going to share what are probably the most widespread myths and legends around the figure of the singer and artist Marilyn Manson, a figure that has gathered as many followers as detractors.

Marilyn Manson is satanic
Although some of his covers make us think otherwise, at no time has the vocalist practiced rituals of this type. It is a very simple question: Marilyn Manson is not in favor of any type of religion, and therefore he does not believe in an entity that represents the evil of this world.
However, he himself has confessed that he agrees with some principles of the Satanic Bible. Moreover, Anton LaVey himself, known as The Black Pope, has given him an honorary title in the Church of Satan, although Manson prefers to be remembered as “a person who thinks for himself.”

He removed two ribs to be able to perform oral sex
This is one of the most widespread myths about the artist, although his origin is uncertain. The so-called rib removal or aesthetic operation to remove a rib is possible, and in fact has been practiced on more than one occasion, but there is no evidence that Marilyn Manson has made such a change in his body . On more than one occasion he has joked about this matter, downplaying it.
On the other hand, the biological consequences of removing a rib can be very serious, and more so if it involves two ribs. The kidneys, gallbladder and part of the stomach could be exposed, leading to serious health problems.

Marilyn Manson is Paul Pfeiffer, the boy from the series Those wonderful years
Although that boy bears a certain resemblance to the singer, Josh Saviano is the actor who played Pfeiffer in the series and has continued his career in Hollywood with total normality. Saviano himself had to come to terms with the more than 20 emails he received daily.
It is true that Marilyn Manson has made his first steps in the world of television: his most recent appearance is in the series Sons of Anarchy, which greatly inspired him to compose his album The Pale Emperor.
Comparison of Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years with Marilyn Manson. | Image by: Steven Scaffardi.

He threw his genitals to the public in the middle of a concert

Marilyn Manson assures that he still has his penis from him, and in fact he had to prove it to the security forces at the end of the bolus. In any case, the consequences of self-excision of the virile member would have been catastrophic, such as massive blood loss and subsequent loss of consciousness.
In the 90s, the artist began to wear women’s clothing during concerts and interviews. It was the same time that the rumor about his penis spread and, in addition, many claimed that he had undergone cosmetic surgery to implant breasts. It sounds more like revenge on the part of ultra-Catholic and homophobic America towards the unknown.

Marilyn Manson raped a puppy and released it to the public
Marilyn Manson is still a person who has achieved success, and few people are capable if they do not have a minimum of mental stability. This myth is undoubtedly one of those things that crosses the line; line that Manson has never crossed. That is to say, this legend is as false as it is unpleasant.

Proven Marilyn Manson Facts
Below we show some of the events that Manson has really starred in. Although it is likely that they continue to seem more like urban legends in the eyes of many.

Marilyn Manson practiced oral sex in one of his concerts
Of him This is half true. It happened during one of the tours with Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Fick, who took out his penis in the middle of the concert. To the surprise of those present, and I would have given all my savings to be there, the vocalist placed his flaccid penis over his mouth , but never inside it.
“The truth is that he was not so sexual; He was doing one of those stupid things that are done to finish the tour, as a joke to embarrass me, but he went wrong, “he says in an interview.

Marilyn Manson’s grandfather was a porn addict
This information is taken from the artist’s autobiography , so it has a high degree of truth. His grandfather couldn’t stop watching pornography and locked himself up for long periods in the basement of his house.
One of the most disturbing images of Marilyn Manson. | Image from: Daze.

Had a run-in with Justin Bieber
The Canadian superstar launched a collection of t-shirts with Marilyn’s face. Although it was totally legal to use Manson’s image, Bieber declared that thanks to him the rocker’s career was on the rise again. Manson answered what many of us think: “he was a total asshole telling me that”. Subsequently, and as incredible as it may seem, the artists called each other again and buried the hatchet.
After an experimental album and a failed return to his origins, the Ohio vocalist seems to have reached the twilight of his musical career, but his legacy will always be to raise blisters and raise his voice in a United States that wants to remain deaf and blind. A pity that in the time of Donald Trump we don’t feel like talking about him so much.