If you are passionate about the engine and have a good PC , this list is for you. We present you the best car and racing games published to date (2018). In recent times, the driving genre has taken a big leap, taking advantage of the technical benefits of the current generation and exploiting the possibilities of multiplayer mode. Even so, there are games for all tastes. Simulator lovers and arcade fans alike are welcome.

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The 10 best current car and racing games Gran Turismo Sport
can be played exclusively by PS4 users , but it is the only driving game that is not available on PC. Everyone on this list can be enjoyed on Windows 10. 10. Wreckfest (2018)
Let’s face it. One of the most fun things about car games is being able to destroy them. Wreckfest is just that, a chaotic destruction derby with a physics system to match . And for all that destruction to be credible, the video game maintains a high graphic level, both in the settings and in the vehicles. It is not the most varied or realistic game, but it is a brave and fun proposal. 9. Rocket League (2015)

It is not necessary to have hyper-realistic graphics or respect the physics of the cars to the maximum to be one of the great racing games, and we have come here to have fun. Rocket League has a simple but extremely effective mechanic : use your vehicle to hit a ball and put it in the rival goal, which is now known as a “vehicular soccer” game. The multiplayer guarantees us hours of fun.

8. Burnout Paradise Remastered (2018)
The great challenge for the developers of Burnout was to improve one of the best achieved car games a decade after its release, with the current technical possibilities. The challenge was more than met with this remaster available on all platforms, including PC.
Here we do not find only an improvement at a technical level (which there is) but several novelties and improvements that exponentially widen the course of the game . Significantly, eight years later, the funniest part of Burnout Paradise is still the adrenaline rush and those bestial slow-motion crashes. How many times have we driven into the shoulder on purpose, just to see the details

? 7. Need for Speed: Payback (2017)
The Need for Speed ​​saga has given us some of the most memorable racing games in the history of video games, exploring driving from different approaches such as tuning (Need for Speed. Underground) or action (Need for Speed: Most Wanted) . In recent times the franchise had taken a short break and at E3 2017 he presented this Need for Speed: Payback.
Payback is not a graphic wonder and, in fact, it has some texture errors unbecoming of the generation, but the important thing here is fun. If you want an arcade driving game with a great sense of speed and a more than remarkable campaign mode, this new Need for Speed ​​game is what you are looking for.

6. DirRT 4 (2017)
In past generations, rally driving games have triumphed, but these have taken a backseat to the detriment of other more realistic simulators. Some franchises like Collin McRae or WRC have passed (almost) to a better life, but Codemasters has put all the meat on the grill with DiRT Rally and DiRT 4, its latest installment.
In this game we find two modes: a simulation mode for those more expert players looking for difficult challenges and an arcade mode to have a great time. In any case, the experience of driving a rally car is still amazing, thanks to some graphics that have improved remarkably and a dubbing into Castilian (including co-pilot’s notes) that border on a high level. An essential game for motor lovers.

5. F1 2018 (2018)
The playable version of the Formula 1 competition is a safe bet year after year, not only because it feeds on the novelties of the real competition, but also because it stands as one of the graphic wonders of the games of cars and races. The most purists of this sport will find what they are looking for , and that is that you can control elements such as brake assistance, traction control or ERS Mode. Those who want an arcade can activate the aids, and voila!

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One of the most important novelties, and what makes it an essential game in the racing genre, is the Career Mode, where we can create a driver, sign up for a team and win the World Cup. It will not be an easy road, we warn you.

4. The Crew 2 (2018)
The Crew is one of the most promising sagas of the current generation. Leaving aside the graphic section (the best we’ve seen) the game has one of the most brutal open world maps . The entire United States, to be exact, albeit on a reduced scale. We could say that the game really starts after completing the main campaign, with an infinite endgame and a multiplayer mode that is as varied as it is fun.
negative aspects
The driving physics are not entirely polished and the progression system has received some criticism, but we can assure you that, with its regular updates, you will return every penny of the game. Have we already said that you can not only drive cars, but also boats or planes?
Yes, that is the great asset of The Crew 2.

3. Project Cars 2 (2017)
In a market as saturated as that of driving games, Slightly Mad Studios dared with a new franchise called Project Cars. The first title generated some doubts, especially among the most demanding players, but the second installment corrects some errors and improves one of the most relevant aspects of the game: driving physics.
Just like Gran Turismo did in its time, Project Cars 2look for a realistic driving sensation that not only depends on the player’s skills, but also on external factors such as the weather. The bell mode is very complete, with 180 cars and 60 tracks that you will gradually unlock. The only thing that prevents him from unseating Forza from second place is a rather irregular graphic section.

2. Forza Motorsport 7 (2017)
To this day, the Forza Motorsport saga is the best in terms of car and driving games. And it is difficult not to give up before the 700 vehicles that you can control in the game, whether they are trucks or Formula E cars. Forza Motorsport 7 seeks to please all types of public: the most demanding can deactivate the aids and the most novices will get a rewarding experience.
While the simulation isn’t quite as accurate as some other PC titles, the game’s graphics often leave us speechless, with sublime atmospheric effects and extremely polished textures. As the only negative aspect, we can highlight the absence of new circuits, and most of them without rain or day-night cycle.

1. Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
The open world version of Forza Motorsport takes first place in the best car and driving games in history. When you see a Forza Horizon gameplay, the first thing that catches your eye is the excellent technical section, with lighting effects that leave you speechless and landscapes that you won’t soon forget.. But we can not forget that we are in a driving game, and as such it achieves an excellent balance between simulation and arcade.
The main bell is still a mere excuse, although the change of seasons is very well done. What matters here is the multiplayer section and the regular updates, which provide the online community with new challenges to overcome every week. As soon as Playground Games strives to launch an anthology game, we are sure that the fifth installment will be one of the best games of the generation. Hopefully.

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