Girls outfits: comfort but also style for the new year

The holidays have passed and with them the desire to grab to go out has gone away. As much as we were careful not to overdo it, we put that extra kilo, for better or worse, on everyone… alas!

With this cold then the preparation of an outfit becomes more and more something irreverent.

The urge to abandon our warm blankets represses us and we don’t want to face the cold. We cover ourselves with layers where and there is no longer free exit to the harmonious shapes of the body.

We hang our super hot dress on the crutch, and our pair of shoes with vertiginous heels that we showed off on New Year’s Eve and we all rushed to wear comfortable overalls and extra-large sweaters, with warm slippers for the house or whatever is more comfortable. have to go out.

These cold winter days give ample room for comfort & lazy look. Evenings spent near a fireplace sipping tea or a delicious hot chocolate… and maybe in sweet company!

But clothing is always important, and that is why comfort should not be understood as a synonym for sloppiness. So for my girls outfits  I propose good taste, not to please others but to continue feeling good about ourselves. To stay comfortable, warm and always be fashionable there are many combinations to choose from. 

For us women here is a list of the most comfortable garments to be exploited and used with originality:

– Leggings: preferably dark, as long as they are not too thin, they are a warm and comfortable garment if well combined, for example with a t-shirt and a maxi pullover;

– Stretch cotton trousers: straight and fairly shaped on the B side, perhaps like those used for yoga;

– Silk or fleece trousers: with a straight and clean cut and an original color or pattern. Brands such as H&M and Tezenis offer a wide range of models and colors, both in cotton and in warmer fabrics. I recommend choosing them a little more abundant than your size;

– Maxi cardigan and maxi pullover: a cable sweater to wear over leggings is ideal for a comfortable but not scruffy look, soft enough to feel pampered and at ease. If you have a pear or hourglass body, I recommend a cardigan with a not too shapeless cut, avoiding buttoning it all the way down;

– Wool dresses: ideal if you want to be comfortable and warm without sacrificing elegance. If you have generous hips, a flared model is advisable, for pear-shaped bodies, on the other hand, a snug model is better. Always choose garments in wool or polyester and avoid those in viscose and cotton, which do not heat up enough;

– Heart warmer: perfect over wool dresses or baggy pants. and a garment that has the gift of skilfully combining elegance, comfort and delicacy;

– Chenille suit: far from exclusive sports use, perfect for the winter season: it combines the comfort and practicality of the suit with the elegance of chenille;

– Socks and leg warmers: in wool or warm cotton. Ideal to wear with leggings, calf-length, they visually slim and lengthen the leg.

After giving you advice on how to dress comfortably and always be fashionable, I leave you with a gallery of some comfortable outfits created by me. I hope they are to your taste …