Many of us, when we hear the words “easter eggs” Easter comes to mind and the tradition associated with this party with the chocolate eggs that we give to children.
But also, if we travel outside of Spain, this tradition is more deeply rooted, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, where it is typical during those days that children decorate eggs, both real and chocolate, with bright colors and even that parents hide them in the garden and the little ones have to find them .

The origin of the Easter Egg or Easter Eggs in video games and cinema
However, when we talk about Easter eggs in cinema, we mean something completely different. In this context they are called Easter Egg and have nothing to do with eggs, but with the game of finding them .
Its origin dates back to 1979, when the video game ‘Adventure’ by the Atari company was launched. The game hid a secret screen , that if you found it and accessed it, the message “Created by Warren Robinett” would appear. This screen was not hidden for no reason, but because back then Atari didn’t let developers be mentioned in the game.
It was Robinett’s way of “signing” his work. When the company workers found out, they began to search desperately for the secret screen. They began to say that the search was similar to what they did as children with the Easter eggs that were hidden by their parents.
This is how from that moment the name “Easter Egg” began to be used for searches made in video games, series, movies , etc. to find secrets hidden by developers or creators.
Alfred Hitchcock cameo in ‘The Birds’ | Universal Pictures

Easter Eggs from the Movies
In the movies, we can find numerous Easter Eggs for many years, even before this term was coined. They are the traditional cameos or secret elements that are “hidden” in fictions so that the most clever discover them . For example, in the cinema we can consider the appearances that Alfred Hitchcock made in his own movies of him
as Easter Eggs .
Companies like Marvel, Pixar and Disney tend to resort a lot to this type of elements , with characters and elements that jump from one fiction to another in a subtle way. There are so many of these Easter Eggs that a database has even been created to record them all. The Easter Eggs of the DVDs

When a movie comes out on DVD, it is recurrent that Easter Eggs are hidden in them. If we patiently investigate the menus of the discs, we can often find hidden buttons or puzzles that will lead us to extra materials or gifts for the biggest fans.
An example of this was in the limited edition of the movie ‘Memento’, where another way of reproducing the movie is hidden, very different from the original . Another example was the ‘Moulin Rouge’ DVD, where we could find a series of windmills and fairies that took us to extra material with videos showing behind-the-scenes moments and other curiosities.

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