ATTENTION, IMPORTANT UPDATE: This news has been proven to be false. Reliable sources from the newspaper El Espanol and Yahoo News have denied the news. The origin of the hoax is due to a portal called La Voz Popular that spread the news, but that originally had as its objective to represent a satire instead of real events.
Many consider cooking an art and like any other art, it is constantly evolving and adapting to the times, although sometimes those adaptations can be extravagant or even bizarre.
The case that we bring next is probably one of the most exaggerated at the level of eccentricity since it touches the limit (or crosses it, we do not know) of what is ethically correct.We are talking about the first cannibal restaurant in the world.

The cannibal restaurant
Of course, we are talking about a restaurant where human food is offered. Yes, as is. We know that this will raise many doubts and negative emotions, so we are going to delve deeper into the matter.
The cannibal restaurant is actually called Resu ototo no shokuryohin, which means “edible brother” in Japanese. It stands out because it is legally recognized (important fact) as the first gastronomic place where you can buy and consume human meat.
This peculiar place is located in a remote area of ​​Tokyo , the country’s capital.

Your clients
As expected, combining the bizarreness of the place with the publicity they have received (intentionally or not) thanks to social networks and the press in general, it is already one of the busiest and most sought-after places in the area.
The first Western diner to go to this restaurant was an Argentine who provided the information, but preferred to remain anonymous.

Eastern food
has ensured that human meat tastes similar to pork , although it is usually a little tougher. In addition, it varies a lot depending on the area of ​​​​the body that you consume (as happens with any animal), the gluteus being one of the most tender.
The center has very high levels of meat quality and sanitary conditions. We must recognize that although it raises various ethical problems, the place can be classified without problem as high standing.
Dishes are expensive. Depending on what is ordered, prices can vary, but the average price is around 1,200 euros for an order.
The increase in price is due firstly to the fact that it has had to pass a series of legal filters, and secondly, to something that we will see below.

Who owns the meat?

The meat belongs to people who, before they die, decide to sell it so that others can eat it.
There are different processes that allow someone to sell their body for consumption, the most common is to sell it well in advance, receiving in return up to 30,000 euros over several months , as if it were some kind of payment.
Of course, if the person dies older, the amount is less, and the remaining money is given to the family.
Finally, the donor, or better said, the seller of his body, agrees by means of a contract to follow a medical protocol that allows him to be intervened just after he dies to maintain the meat when he dies (due to natural causes) in a way that is suitable. for consume.
This is because human sacrifice is illegal in Japan, so no one can commit suicide or be killed to try to receive the money. However, for several years now, the consumption and marketing of human meat has been officially regulated.