It doesn’t seem like it but… reading is making a comeback. The beautiful books to read still resist against e-books and against increasingly aggressive social networks. And that’s why sometimes people prefer to isolate themselves, estrange themselves in a fantasy world where the characters are your world and the words admirably used by the writers are the music that accompanies it. 

And you? What beautiful books have you read and which will you read in this new year?

We want to give you some useful tips for your shelves here. As long as before ending up on them, these books pass from your hands, from your eyes and remain etched in your soul.

Here are the ten beautiful books to read and therefore not to be missed for 2020 in the following lines: happy reading to all!

Il Cuoco dell’Alcyon – by Andrea Camilleri

It is a book released in 2019 and written a couple of years earlier, but it is the last work of the great Andrea Camilleri. The latest adventure of Commissioner Montalbano, whose fate was interrupted by the death of the author. Camilleri’s latest entry is worth last year’s sales record, and what he could do again this year. Sellerio editions.

“M. The son of the century ”- by Antonio Scurati

This best seller also enters 2020, driven by the success of 2019. The story of the last Mussolini made a powerful novel by the excellent pen of Scurati and an invitation to experience history in a different way. Definitely not boring. Bompiani publisher.

“The Lions of Sicily: the Florio saga” – by Stefania Auci

A novel that took everyone by surprise, from the author to the small publishing house (Nord Edizioni) that launched it. A gigantic success that deserves the sales record even in the year that has just begun.

“The lying life of adults” – by Elena Ferrante

The book by the author of the Brilliant Friend could only immediately be a best seller. The characters are less biting than those of the first saga, but the skill of this mysterious writer makes it equally high quality (E / O editions).

“The Institute” – by Stephen King

After so much Italy, here is a foreign best seller that enters 2020 with the success achieved already the previous year. Unusual protagonists, for this author, are children. History? A new genre to be discovered. A must-read book for horror lovers and the American author. Sperling & Kupfer.

“Bloom in Winter” – by Nadia Toffa

More than the content and the story of this brave girl to make the book a sales success. Her posthumously published reflections retrace the illness but also an intense life until the last day. Publisher Mondadori.

“The Eight Mountains” – by Paolo Cognetti

Published by Einaudi, this intense life and mountain story will conquer everyone. Both the most romantic and the most adventurous myself. Paolo Cognetti is one of the few true Italian writers.

“Remember to Smile” – by Daniele Di Benedetti

A brilliant guide to positivity in a time when hatred and fear seem to be the masters. Mondadori Editions.

“My brother chases dinosaurs” – by Giacomo Mazzariol

Story of two young brothers, one of whom with Down syndrome. True story, very intense. Published by Einaudi.

“The Baltimore Book” – by Joel Dicker

Saga of a classic American family run with incredible skill by a French author. La Nave di Teseo editions.