Ready to find out how to dress your summer evenings? Let’s start with our fashion tips right away!

Satin dress

Surely in your summer wardrobe for this summer 2019 you cannot miss a satin dress. These have in fact become a real must have, made in all lengths and all colors, while the most popular are the black and fuchsia ones.

Satin dresses are very light and elegant, especially those 100% satin, but even those made of materials similar to satin reproduce the same soft and shiny effect. This type of dress is suitable both for casual evenings combined with a low sandal, and for more elegant evenings combined with a heel.

Puff sleeves

This year the famous puff sleeves, typical of the 80s , are back in fashion . For this summer, in fact, countless shirts and dresses have been created with this type of sleeve. The clothes are very flashy, in effect, especially those with bright colors, such as gold and silver.

A dress of this kind is suitable for spending a summer evening at the disco and not going unnoticed.


For some years now a real summer must have has become the Japanese style kimono , really very versatile and useful for upsetting even the simplest looks. Also this summer, at least one model of this fantastic item of clothing must be included in the suitcase. The kimono as already mentioned makes the simplest looks really stylish and elegant. Combined with a simple little black dress or with jeans and a top, it will totally revolutionize the final result.

Another secret is to wear the kimono fastened with a belt to transform it into a full-fledged dress.

Sequin skirt

The sequins know no season and are good from New Year to August 15th. This year, more than ever, many brands have launched their elegant outfits with super-rich sequins for this summer 2019.

What everyone is trying to grab is the long skirt to the ankles of silver sequins .

Very flashy, suitable both for a dinner in a luxury restaurant, for an evening at a party, or for a night of dancing in a disco.

With this skirt you will certainly look great.

Polka dot dress

This year we have seen polka dots reappear , which had long since disappeared. This fantasy never really goes out of fashion, it abandons us for a few seasons but then unexpectedly returns to the catwalks of every fashion brand. And just this year it reappeared again with black on white or white on black and both alternatives were proposed on skirts and dresses for this summer 2019.

This polka dot pattern can be a nice alternative to the usual total black garment. In fact, the polka dot dresses are both fun and elegant, suitable for any occasion that arises during a summer evening.

Sequin dress

Here is what is always right for us, a sequined dress is  always a great idea to spend summer evenings with elegance. It is perfect to combine with both a heel and a jewel sandal.

Classic sequin dresses are usually lined with gold or silver colored sequins.

The most alternative variants, and in my opinion more suitable for the summer season, are covered with colored sequins: blue, green, pink, etc.