The fashion of the one-piece swimsuit that has been gaining ground for some years now, is the undisputed protagonist in the spring – summer 2019 collections.

Symbol of extreme refinement and classic elegance, it allows you to harmonize with the personality of the wearer, emphasizing femininity and making the most of the lines of the body. 

Why choose a one-piece costume

The one-piece swimsuit offers the great advantage that it can be worn with a simple pair of shorts to go for an aperitif at sunset, or under a kimono for a dinner on the beach; it can also be used on numerous occasions instead of the classic top, even as a whimsical under-jacket.

The collection of one-piece swimsuits that Yamamay has proposed for spring – summer includes seductive and refined garments, for every woman who wants to be sexy even on the beach.

The one-piece swimsuits are able to adapt to any type of body, streamlining the silhouette even of those who have a few extra pounds. The modeling costumes are made in such a way as to help raise the B side, making it more rounded and harmonious. By choosing the model that best suits your constitution, it is possible to bring out the leg and refine the hips, guaranteeing a perfect look. For those with large breasts, the single piece offers a containing effect without squeezing, to create sinuous and balanced lines.

Yamamay spring-summer swimsuits

With the beachwear collection, Yamamay has created numerous models of one-piece swimsuits designed for all needs of elegance and comfort, which are perfect for every style.

The confirmation of the one-piece swimsuit once again underlined the extreme versatility of this garment, characterized by an excellent fit and refinement of models and materials.

All the one-piece costumes have been designed to enhance the femininity and class of those who wear them and look for the style that best suits their personality. Here are some models of the spring – summer 2019 collection by Yamamay.

Sculpt swimsuit

It is a model of extreme simplicity, characterized by a moderate leg that covers the hips without hiding them; the cups are slightly padded and emphasize the shape of the breast with classic lines, moreover two simple straight straps leave a fair portion of the back uncovered.

Essentials padded swimsuit

Deep blue or black in color, this one-piece swimsuit with padded cups guarantees perfect adherence to the body, enhancing the breast which remains naturally wrapped. Overall the model is simple but refined and suitable for all styles.

Swift yellow costume

Ocher yellow or dark gray, this model is characterized by a round neckline from which two wide straps start that are knotted at the neck, taking up the typical lines of vintage costumes.

Bengalian Sher Fantasy Costume

The wonderful fantasy of this costume, which refers to animal designs, combines black with ivory and the warm biscuit color, creating a harmony of lines and chromatic gradations. The lightly padded cups continue with two narrow straps that tie at the neck, leaving the back free.

One-piece swimsuit Bengalian Sher image

On a gunmetal gray background are inserted inlays in pearl gray tones that harmonize perfectly with each other, to create an extremely elegant and refined costume. The presence of “nude look” parts on the hips and breasts creates a very sexy and seductive effect.

Blush one-piece swimsuit

This model presents itself with a highly original visual impact, due to the optical fantasy played on shades of dark blue, white and burnt-brown. The presence of a single wide lace strap supports the asymmetrical bra; the very wide back neckline highlights the back.

Sunrise swimsuit

The costume is all about the presence of two large openings on the sides, crossed by a tricolor ribbon that takes up the silver color of the model. The back neckline is not particularly wide and is surrounded by two straight straps. The lightly padded cups hug the bust perfectly without weighing the model down.

Oasis one-piece swimsuit

Characterized by the association of a floral and a striped pattern, played on the shades of salmon pink, white, yellow and purple, this model of women’s one-piece swimsuit is characterized by the presence of straps that are knotted on the back after creating a harmonious play of lines geometric. The deep neckline between the cups emphasizes the shape of the breast, enhancing its volumes.

Yamamay Loves LA one-piece swimsuit

It is a 1960s vintage model, made up-to-date by the animalier pattern and the fluorescent shade of the fabric, made of opaque microfiber. The costume consists of a high thong briefs from which two crossed laces start at the neck. The whole is completed with a triangle piece of the same line that belongs to the models called trikini. It is an absolute novelty for this collection.