You are barely 20 years old and you are facing a new and unexplored world. You have the opportunity to do hundreds of things, but instead of being enthusiastic about it, you realize that you are scared of it. Don’t worry, most girls your age feel this way. You just have to know that self-esteem is something that can be cultivated .

Where to start

There are so many ways to become self-confident and self-confident. First of all, you must know that each of us, even Hollywood stars , has a circle around us that is called the comfort zone. Within this area there are all those actions that we normally do and which by now we no longer give weight and which therefore do not scare us. For you it might be speaking in front of the whole class, or go to volleyball lessons alone. For others it might be going to a job interview, or giving a speech in front of an entire country. The point is that every time you decide to do something new that scares you, this thing becomes part of your comfort zone and when this happens, it means that it will no longer scare you, but you are ready for something. even more difficult. This makes you understand that in a person’s life, anything is possible; we have the keys to all the doors, it’s up to us to decide whether to open them or not.

Self-esteem makes you beautiful

According to a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science , it was found that increasing self-esteem in men made them visibly more attractive in the eyes of women. This also applies to you. You will surely have already seen aesthetically beautiful women, but you realized that it was as if they lacked something and instead very normal women, perhaps with aesthetic defects, such as a too big nose or thin lips, but that it was as if they had a magnetic aura . Well, that is self-esteem.
According to new research, even watching a porn movie without inhibitions and taboos and being open and confident in the bedroom increases one’s sense of self-worth and self-perception.

Practical exercises

Grab pen paper and write down all the positive aspects of yourself and the things you like. Make a list of physical appearance and character appearance. Reread it every day before leaving home, which will make you understand how much potential you have and what to bet on. Another exercise is to write down all the moments that give you joy and gratitude. Eg. family dinner, cinema with your boyfriend, a coffee with friends. When you have written them all, cut out some spaces to put them into practice more often. Another method to increase your confidence is to feel useful, start a blog , start a hobby in DIY and make some gifts for your friends and family. This will express your talents and make you feel good.
Posture also goes a long way. When walking down the street or entering a room, always stand with a straight back and never hunched shoulders or crooked pelvis. As they say, head up and chest out.
Remember that changing your life and feeling special is not a gift of birth, it is not luck, but it is all in what we do, for ourselves. Remember what Jovanotti sang , vertigo is not the fear of falling, but the desire to fly. When you feel dizzy, because you are about to do something new, know that it is only a moment, if you throw yourself away, everything passes.