We weren’t sure if the new Sonic movie – Sega’s legendary video game character – was a good idea, but the result has surprised more than one. We can finally see the trailer for Sonic: The Movie , a preview that leaves us several clues about this feature film directed by Jeff Fowler . The film is the typical adventure comedy for the whole family, according to Paramount Pictures.
The trailer has not left anyone indifferent and, above all, has generated a lot of controversy . Sonic’s appearance has not reached the expectations of his fans, and the reactions have not been long in coming.

controversy and controversies
Ever since the live-action Sonic character design was released, many fans have been horrified. The most jarring aspect of Sonic’s original design is the eyes. In the trailer we can see that Sonic has small, dull eyes. However, in the game Sonic only has one eyeball, the eyes are large and alert looking.
Another of the criticized characteristics of the hedgehog in its live action version are the legs, with a humanoid appearance, the design of the slippers, the human teeth and the short spikes.
Getting Sonic to look more in keeping with the video game character would not have been difficult, as confirmed by the numerous images edited by his fans ., which have kept the “realistic” aspect of the movie but giving Sonic bigger eyes and more appropriate for the character, as well as more stylized legs. In the images that their fans have edited by themselves, we can see how the appearance of the hedgehog improves a lot.
Fans design an alternate version of the hedgehog. | Paramount Pictures.

Sonic Trailer: The Movie
As we can see in the trailer, Tom Wachowski, the Green Hills sheriff, discovers Sonic, who has been causing trouble in the area because of his speed. The evil Dr. Robotnik will try by all means to stop Sonic . The hedgehog, together with his new friend Tom Wachowski, will have to fight against Dr. Robotnik and try to save the planet Earth.
The film is a live-action comedy that focuses on the adventures of Sonic, who has to face the complexities of life on Earth together with his new friend Tom Wachowski (James Marsden ) . Sonic and his friend Tom have to join forces to stop the evil Dr. Robotnik, (Jim Carrey) who wants to capture Sonic to use his power and dominate the world.

The main reason to believe that it will be a good movie is the cast. Actor Ben Schwartz ( House of Lies ) provides the voice of the mythical blue hedgehog, while Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik is played by Jim Carrey . james marsden, whom we know from his recent role in the HBO series Westworld, will be a police officer who accompanies Sonic named Tom Wachowski.
Other stars that complete the cast are Tika Sumpter , Natasha Rothwell and Tika Sumpter .

Release date
The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is scheduled to be released in November 2019 , although the date on which fans will be able to see Sonic on the big screen is not confirmed.
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