The origins of the navy style

The marine style has returned to fashion in recent years, conquering the hearts of men and women fashion enthusiasts.

But where does the navy style come from?

We tend to associate the navy style with white and blue striped garments, typical of the navy.

Wanting to go back in time, initially this custom of white and blue stripes had a negative connotation as they were used by the scraps of the society of the time: prisoners, jesters and prostitutes.

Later, however, the stripes were used by French sailors in the North of France in order to make them visible in the event of a man overboard, and in 1858 it became the official uniform of the French navy , with uniforms in 21 lines, which symbolized the successes of Napoleon.

Marine clothing: from Coco Chanel to Brigitte Bardot

This typical sailor clothing also becomes a fashion trend starting with Coco Chanel , who is inspired by this marine style for the creation of her fashion collections, also adapting them for the female audience. The sailor suit thus becomes a fashionable feminine dress worn by the movie stars of the 1950s.

Since then there have been many characters who have favored the success of the navy style: from Pablo Picasso to Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn , these stars used marine-style clothing and accessories on their days at the beach in summer (famous are those on the French Riviera ) or even for evening outings.

After a few years in which the marine style has become less fashionable, there has been a new limelight thanks to the outfits of supermodels like Gigi Hadid , who created her own capsule collection with the help of the Tommy Hilfiger brand .

The latest famous collection in chronological order was launched a short time ago by Chanel, which thus returns to its origins, re-proposing stripes, golden buttons, frogs and rope inserts for a navy-chic style.

Marine style clothing and accessories: our advice

Much used in summer as in autumn, the navy style is composed of a series of garments and accessories that can never be missing for your outfit:

  • Sweatshirts with white and blue stripes;
  • White cotton shorts;
  • Blue pencil skirt;
  • Double-breasted black blazer;
  • Navy blue suede loafers;
  • White t-shirt with blue stripes with nautical-themed graphic print;
  • Striped polo shirt;
  • Anchor pendants;
  • Belt with a shape reminiscent of a nautical rope;
  • Sailor hats;
  • Sailor-style striped bags (famous are those from the Michael Kors collection );
  • To face the winter then raincoats and rubber boots are very useful;