For some years, the phrases of Jorge Bucay and his stories have become enormously popular. This Argentine writer has certain parallels with Paulo Coelho, but while the Brazilian focuses on fiction, Bucay collects anecdotes, stories and fables from which we can draw a lesson . In this sense, some of his most famous works are Letters to Claudia or Tales to Think, highly recommended bestsellers for all those who take reading as a space for meditation.
Through the famous phrases and stories of him, the Argentine is gaining prestige as a psychologist or, better said, psychodramatist, a new form of psychotherapythat is gaining popularity in recent decades. Although all of his stories are ideal for stopping to think, we have extracted some of the best.

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Jorge Bucay’s phrases about life
This selection of famous quotes from Bucay is taken from his work and each one of us can feel perfectly identified.

1. Happiness is the certainty of not feeling lost.
Jorge Bucay’s first sentence speaks of the need to find a path in life to be happy.

2. No one can always do everything he wants, but anyone can never do what he does not want.
No one can force us to do something we don’t want, but doing what makes us happy is up to us.

3. Every time something goes, it makes room for what follows.
This great phrase by Jorge Bucay makes us think that life is something like an airport. There are always arrivals and departures.

4. I am only slightly concerned that tomorrow I may be too old to do what I have left pending.
Famous quote dedicated to carpe diem. Maybe tomorrow will be too late.

5. We all need respect and esteem from outside in order to build our self-esteem.
It is impossible to feel loved without minimal support from your closest environment.

6. Do not say that you are a loser before reaching the final evaluation.

We have an insane tendency to think negatively , a perspective that Bucay’s quotes help us change.

7. It is your right and obligation to be who you really are.
Otherwise, you would be forced to play a role all the time, something really exhausting.

8. To fly you have to start by taking risks.

Risks represent change , and change is necessary to move forward.

9. If you’re at a dead end, don’t be silly… exit the way you entered.

Another famous phrase affirms that to rectify is for the wise.

10. If you say damn all the time, it’s hard to cheer up and get out of the crisis.
If we want to start thinking more positively, we must push negative thoughts away.

11. The path marks a direction. And a direction is much more than a result.
As long as you are going forward, you are taking the right path.

12. I live and learn, I live and mature, I live and grow.
This phrase by Jorge Bucay represents a whole life lesson.

13. We are who we are thanks to all that has been lost and how we have behaved in the face of those losses.
Difficult experiences make us grow as people. We will always have learned something.

14. Being close to the one who knows the most makes the one who doesn’t know wiser.
In any field of life, it is necessary to learn from the best and not assume that we know everything.

15. A life that adds can be the first brick to build a happy life.
Having a positive thought means building something new.

16. Any harmful thought, in the mind of any man, can at any moment destroy the world.
That is why we must drive away negative thoughts.

17. Your memories are now, not there and then.
In today’s society, we live anchored in the past but always guided by expectations for the future . What about the present

18. When you are patient in a day of anger, you can easily escape from a hundred sad days.
We all have days when we wish we hadn’t gotten up, but the important thing is the attitude we take on those days.

19. No one is more likely to fall into deception than the one for whom the lie suits their wishes.

There are people who believe their own lieand adjust their wishes based on it.

20. I allow myself to seek what I think I need from the world and not wait for someone to give me permission to get it.
In a certain way, this phrase could be summed up as: luck exists, but you have to go out and look for it .

21. The deaf always believe that those who dance are crazy.
One of the quotes from the Argentine that has made us reflect the most on human behavior.

22. Beauty appears in us from who one is.
Not from what we wanted to be.

23. Authenticity cannot be traded for approval.

Here the scale of values ​​of each one comes into play.Some prefer to be authentic, others simply want to be respected.

24. I want your help without you deciding for me.
No one is free to decide for us, no matter how much they have given us their help.

25. If I needed someone to be with me all the time, that person should be myself.

We must learn to put up with each other, which is not easy.

26. Nothing that is good is free.
It does not only refer to money, but to the effort involved in obtaining something good.

27. Is the path that is chosen always the right one?
The right thing is in the choice, not in the success.

We do not always make the right decisions, but we must take risks if we want to achieve something .

28. You should know that you “should” not do anything at all.
There is no room for conditionals. The important thing is to take the first step and take a path.

29. You can not give up before being defeated.
A phrase about negative thinking and how easy it is to get carried away by it.

30. All our neuroses start when we try to be what we are not.
It is very difficult to try to pretend all the time, although there are people who have gotten used to it.

31. Nobody knows the leaks of a house until it is inside.
We cannot put ourselves in the other’s shoes, but we can develop a certain empathy for similar situations that we have had to face.

32. I want you to accept me without trying to change me.
Establishing a relationship of love or friendship with someone implies accepting him as he is. Many people tend to idealize their partner and try to mold them to their liking.

33. Growing up without the height making me lose sight of what is important. And the important thing… It’s life.
Everything is summed up in living our life, because nobody knows what lies beyond death.

34. We are not responsible for the emotions, but for what we do with the emotions.
That’s the main difference.

35. Do not demand that I tell you “because I did it” when I do something that is not right. Sometimes, even I know.

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves the chance to make them right.

36. Happiness is attainable when one does not fall into the stupid idea of ​​believing that to be happy it is necessary to smile all day.
If you don’t feel like smiling, don’t smile, but you’ll always be better off with a smile on your face.

37. Opportunities and luck always visit people.

You have to know how to take advantage of your visit.

38. If you forget yourself, others will follow your example.
And in the end they will end up forgetting you…

39. A memory is useful except when I support my life in it. When as a person I depend on him.
We should never depend on a memory, because it has already happened and we can do NOTHING to change it .

40. Only you choose where and until when, because it is your path, a matter exclusively yours.
Others will tell you that you’re wrong if you don’t go their way, but it doesn’t matter.

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41. Trying to escape from bad thoughts is going to look for them.
We cannot escape from that wheel. The only thing we can do is accept them as part of life .

42. I do not want to obstruct you, I do not want you to be with me because I am the one who does not let you go.
We must not put people’s freedom to the test. After all, no one (except ourselves) is essential in life.

43. Self-respect is defending dignity over the need for approval.
There are those who prefer to please others and seek their approval. It is quite another thing to lose one’s dignity for approval.

44. Sadness is like falling into a well, but suffering is living in it.
The first step to regain happiness is toconfront the idea of ​​getting out of that well . Incredible as it may seem, suffering brings a false sense of security.

45. I want you to hear me without judging me.
Unfortunately, we are loaded with prejudices that distance us from others.

46. ​​I want your hug but without suffocating.
We all need affection, but we also need our own space in which to feel comfortable.

47. To start being better with ourselves and with others, we must know who we are.
A famous philosopher said something similar to the following phrase: “there is nothing further than oneself” .

48. If it is true that you no longer love me, I ask you, do not tell me.
One of the most poetic quotes of the writer.

49. I am terrified of living with a person who considers me essential in his life.
As obvious as it may seem, the only essential person in our lives is ourselves .

50. Death will come, after all, death has a good memory and never forgets anyone.
Isn’t it true

Jorge Bucay’s phrases about love

51. True love is nothing other than the inevitable desire to help the other to be who he is.
As we have pointed out before, this implies accepting who the other person is .

52. Making love implies a connection with love that does not happen all the time, not even between two people who love each other.
Beautiful phrase by Jorge Bucay about love and what it really means to make love.

53. When you are in a relationship and you realize that being able to avoid a crumb of suffering, the other does not, it is because everything is over.
The Argentine writer talks about losing the feeling of surrender or when the other person stops caring.

54. Love is not found in us to sacrifice it for the other, but to enjoy its existence.
When love becomes an obligation or an effort, it’s time to rethink the relationship.

55. We do not fall in love with the potential of the other, but with what the other truly is. And while we’re together, let’s encourage him to let it out more and more.
A very accurate definition of a healthy couple relationship.

56. Love for another person is born from the capacity to love, which begins with love for oneself.
Many authors have dealt with this subject, with phrases such as “in order to love others, I first learned to love myself.”

57. Falling in love means loving chance and loving is being passionate about differences.
In fact, it is the differences and imperfections that make us fall in love.

58. Death allows you to look for that loved one in the treasures that you keep in your heart, it is to understand that love does not end with mourning.
It is not to make us caramelized, but the memory makes love last forever.

59. Love consists of the joy that arises from being aware of the existence of others.
This could be transferred to friendship, a feeling as deep as love.

60. You don’t have to die for the other, but live to enjoy together.
We finish the list of phrases by Jorge Bucay with a very nice one about love. A moment of reflection never hurts.

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