Those who want to remain beautiful and young for a long time will surely resort to particular products. Of course, cosmetics are not enough to obtain certain results, because correct nutrition, exercise and hygiene also do a lot. But certainly a significant help comes from natural beauty supplement products: body creams and face creams .

Body creams have a more direct active ingredient, more generic if you like; those for the face must necessarily be more delicate . However, both products must guarantee safety, protection from allergies and from atmospheric and chemical agents (pollution). Among the best brands for the beauty of the body and face there is certainly Vichy.

In this post we will talk specifically about the Vichy face and body creams and the main products to use for the care of your physical appearance of the well-known brand.

Vichy, a quality brand

The Vichy laboratories are a world-famous company that takes its cue from the benefits of the thermal waters and muds of the town of the same name, located at the foot of the Massif Central, in France . This mountain range has very ancient volcanic origins, and the core has not yet become extinct, manifesting itself in the production of active thermal phenomena. 

Vichy started using thermal water and its 15 minerals and nutrients more than 80 years ago. Since then the art of cosmetics production has certainly evolved but remaining faithful to the primitive source of well-being, which is all natural. Thanks to careful checks repeated up to 55 times, these products are practically without side effects.

Vichy body creams

The purpose of body creams is to nourish and hydrate the skin cells to make them return elastic and fresh, thus indirectly fighting wrinkles. Vichy’s “body cream” line ranges from bubble bath to deodorant , passing through moisturizing creams for the skin. It carefully divides products according to the needs of women and men.

Among the most used body creams: 

  • Ideal Body Hands and Nails that takes care of the health of the skin avoiding dark spots and at the same time strengthening the nails. From the same line you can try moisturizing milk or body oil, both to be used immediately after a shower on the skin that is still damp and warm. 
  • Vichy body creams also include Pour Homme products , which include after-shave creams and shaving foams.

Face creams

The “family” of face creams is much more elaborate and numerous. As mentioned, these creams are more delicate and each one is aimed at a specific purpose (soothe, moisturize, clean or prevent the formation of wrinkles). 

Day face creams are used to hydrate and “quench” the cells, with the support of thermal benefits. Among the best in Vichy:

  • Aqualia Thermal Rich 48H , to protect the skin from climate and stress
  • Idealia Unisex, suitable for everyone. 
  • Neovadiol Magistral Moisturizing Balm
  • Nutrilogie 1 specific for women
  • LiftActive Supreme moisturizing day and night

Face creams for the night firm up, prevent wrinkles by using hyaluronic acid and, if necessary, are used to remove make-up. 

  • LiftActive Nuit is plumping and anti-wrinkle;
  • Neovadiol Night Cream suitable for men and women;
  • Aqualia Thermal night cream;
  • LiftActive Supreme moisturizing day and night;
  • Purete Termale make- up remover;