Until very recently, there was the certainty that female ejaculation was a myth. The sexual liberation of women in recent decades has shattered this belief and, with the help of science, we have found some answers about this biological phenomenon . We speak clearly and loudly about a topic considered taboo on many occasions such as ejaculation in women. We also see what relationship it has with squirting. Is it the same
? How do you get to it?

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1. What is female ejaculation.
2. What about squirting
? 3. How to achieve squirting
? 4. Conclusion: myth or reality

? What is female ejaculation?
Unlike male orgasm, where in the vast majority of cases the man secretes semen, female orgasm is rare. Sometimes it is accompanied by the expulsion of large amounts of fluid. When women reach orgasm, they secrete a whitish liquid similar to semen whose origin is in the Skene’s glands or urethral glands, located in the inner wall of the vagina. We also review some of the basic properties:

1. Composition
This secretion is produced in small quantities, is barely visible during intercourse, and is composed of glucose, fructose, prostatic acid phosphatase, creatinine, and traces of urea .

2. Function
The fluid does not have a reproductive function, like that of semen. Some experts suspect that female ejaculate plays a protective role in the urinary tract (prevents infections), but this is not scientifically confirmed. It would also act as a natural lubricant.

3. Origin
As we have pointed out, the origin of the liquid is found in the Skene’s glands, in the inner wall of the vagina and close to the female G-spot.. 20% of women do not have these glands, since it is a residual area of ​​pregnancy and can disappear when the sex of the fetus is defined.

And what about squirting?
At this point, a small distinction must be made between the woman’s ejaculation and squirting, another of the terms that are frequently related, although it is not the same thing. Squirting is the ability to expel almost colorless liquid at high pressure (hence the name). According to a French study, carried out by a team of researchers from the Parly II hospital in Chesnay, almost all of the expelled liquid is urine. Both the function and the origin of the liquid remain the same.

Squirting and urge to urinate
Some women who have experienced squirting report that during or after ejaculation they feel a deep urge to urinate. For an answer we must return to the results of the French study. After the women who underwent this study masturbated, they found that their bladders had filled again . There is no clear explanation about it.
On the other hand, many women confuse the desire to go to the bathroom with squirting. If you have been recently, try to relax and let yourself be carried away by the sensations.

How to achieve squirting
Some women can some experts in the field claim that it is possible to carry out a series of techniques during sex in order to achieve the “squirt”.

1. Stimulate the erogenous zones

The foreplay is more important than sex itself. Do not go directly to the point and focus on other areas such as the breasts, the lips, the neck, the inner part of the lips or the ears. Use your imagination.

2. Don’t be in a hurry
Distractions, rushing and negative thoughts can deprive women (and men) of orgasm. We have previously suggested a series of erogenous zones in which you can spend time. If you’re trying to get your girl to orgasm, be gentle and give her the time of her life .

3. Find the G-spot
The female G-spot stimulation, on the inner wall and 0.5 to 2 inches from the vaginal entrance, plays a fundamental role in reaching orgasm and for squirting to occur. We must specify that it is easier to achieve squirting through manual penetration, that is, using the hands and fingers.

4. The best positions
There are a few sexual positions that are ideal for reaching an extreme climax, especially those in which there is maximum contact and the clitoris and the female G-spot are stimulated. Some are the earthquake bridge (both sitting) or the Slovakian mirror (the typical missionary with her thighs surrounding him).
Even with these four basic tips, it is very normal that a woman cannot reach orgasm for different reasons, least of all due to squirting. The important thing is not the orgasm or the ejaculation, but to maintain a healthy sexual life in all aspects.

Conclusion: myth or reality
For many years it has been believed that female ejaculation was a simple myth, partly because of the passive role of women in sex. However, the massive consumption of adult films and female sexual liberation have made people aware that this is a common occurrence. We can affirm with absolute certainty that this is a reality.
However, many cultures, especially those that are more dogmatic, associate women’s ejaculation with sexual dysfunction. This has made women inhibit themselves in sex. It is not surprising, then, that it has been considered a mere myth.

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