Poker is an exciting card game, whether you play it with your friends without betting money, just chips, or even those who like to play in applications or live and direct, it is a game that you like because you have many factors, among They luck, chance, but also the technique in each of the movements that you are going to make and that can make you win everything with a hand that at first seemed losing.

Poker, as we are told in this specialized portal, has many terms that must be known in order to follow the instructions of the game, since otherwise, it could be much more complicated to win, since these  typical phrases and expressions of poker  are so common that even those who have never played before know them, such as “I see it”, “All in” among others. Once you have learned these phrases and also their meaning, you will be able to play games with your friends or even participate in tournaments with other unknown players to have a good time betting and who knows if also winning a lot of money. In the following list we have selected phrases that have been said by some of the most important poker players in the world.

Poker Player Phrases

  • Most play until they lose everything. If they win, they settle for paying for dinner.
  • Much of the money you win at poker will come not from the brilliance of your game, but from the ineptitude of your opponents.
  • Learning how to play poker takes a minute, mastering aspects of the game a lifetime.
  • No one always wins at poker, and whoever says they do is either lying or not playing poker.
  • Try to decide how good your hand is at a given moment. Nothing else matters. Nothing at all!
  • Limit poker is a science, but no limit is an art. In limited, you are shooting at a target. In no limit, the target comes to life and fires back at you.
  • Only losers and amateurs complain about the cards.
  • Learning to play two pairs is worth as much as a college education and also costs about the same.
  • A dollar earned at gambling is twice as sweet as a dollar earned on your paycheck.
  • Trust everyone, but always cut the cards.
  • Look around your table, if you don’t know who the cousin is, then you are the cousin.
  • If luck had no influence in poker, I would always win.

Short phrases and typical expressions of poker

  • It’s the way you play that makes the difference. Play as you think and what you receive will be part of you, your story.
  • The key point in poker is to never lose your mind. If you lose it, you will surely lose all your chips.
  • The person who invented poker was brilliant, but the person who invented chips was a genius.
  • Don’t forget that there will always be another poker game, if not tomorrow, then the day after or next week. I like to think of poker as a constant game that lasts my entire career.
  • Accept that you will have losing streaks as well as winning streaks. If you feel very frustrated, it’s time to stop playing. I tell players to recognize when it’s time to fold. It is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful player in the world of poker.
  • Games and dances cannot be condemned, as long as they are only for recreation, and not for hobby; as long as they are rare and short-lived; and with modesty, with decorum and with good intentions.