One of the elements that the human body needs to ingest for its proper functioning is magnesium. For those who are concerned about having a healthy diet, in which the most essential nutrients are not lacking, we have designed a list of the foods rich in magnesium that are most recommended to be consumed.

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The importance of eating foods rich in magnesium
Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in some of the most important functions of our metabolism . Without going any further, the good health of the mitochondria (one of the units that make up the cells and that have the function of providing energy to the body), is linked to adequate magnesium levels. Due to its vital role in the recovery of tissues, this mineral is very important for sports, since it allows us to make a great physical effort.
If you think you may suffer from a magnesium deficiency, the first thing you have to do is visit your doctorto perform a blood test, but you can also counteract this deficiency by including in your diet some of the following foods rich in magnesium that we present below.

10 Foods rich in magnesium that you can incorporate into your daily diet
These are some of the foods richest in magnesium that can help you balance the levels of this mineral in your blood. As soon as you include them in your diet, it will not take long to notice an overall improvement in your physical condition.

1. Avocado
In addition to natural fats that are very beneficial for our body, eating half an avocado a day will ensure up to 60 milligrams of magnesiumand potassium. For those looking to gain weight, eating a whole avocado packs up to 300 calories at once.
Apart from preparing guacamole, the avocado cut into small slices goes very well with all kinds of salads ; but it is not the only way to eat it, since it can also be cooked on the grill and seasoned with a tablespoon of oil, pepper and salt.

2. Green
vegetables Green leafy vegetables, in addition to being a great source of iron , are also a source of magnesium. The best way to consume these vegetables, so that they do not lose their properties, is by boiling or grilling them.
Vegetables like Swiss chard, broccoli, sprouts (including Brussels), or spinach are the best examples.

3. Pure cocoa
Whether consuming the raw grains of this fruit, in powder to dilute or even in a chocolate bar, pure cocoa is one of the foods rich in magnesium that also contain fibers that help restore bacterial flora.
We emphasize that the chocolate must be “pure” (with 70% or more cocoa) , to distinguish it from the saturated versions of sugar and palm fat that the big brands that are sold in the supermarket sneak in. Pure cocoa, in tablet or powder, can be found in natural food establishments and its price is somewhat higher, but it is worth it.

4. Fruits
The fruit has an important appointment in practically all the listings on nutritious foods. If you want to increase your magnesium levels with this treat that nature offers, you are interested in going to the market for bananas, papayas, strawberries, grapefruit, raspberries or watermelon.

5. Nuts
As with cocoa, we have to avoid nuts from big companies , which are loaded with salts and processed oils, so it is best to look for them in stores specializing in organic products.
Nuts, such as cashews, almonds, peanuts, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds (or shelled ‘pipes’) or pistachios, are foods rich in magnesium that can be eaten alone or as an accompaniment to other meals (salads, purees and homemade soups or sauces, among others).
Within this category we can also include dried figs . This dried fruit contains up to 80 grams of magnesium in every 100 grams, a fact that occurs due to the loss of water and that contributes to the accumulation of a higher percentage of this mineral.

6. Soybeans
Among the lesser-known legumes is soybean, whose grains, roasted or boiled, provide high levels of magnesium and can be served in salads.

7. Dehydrated herbs
They are often used as condiments to flavor foods , but not many know that parsley, mint or even Chinese onion are loaded with magnesium and other vitamins.
Another spear in favor of dehydrated herbs is that they preserve their flavor better than fresh ones.

8. Wholemeal
bread Unlike white bread, wholemeal bread, whose fiber content is higher, also has more magnesium and vitamins, thanks to the fact that it is made with bran.

9. Blue fish
This group of fish is a fatty variant of the so-called ‘white fish’, so they are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium.
A grilled tuna, salmon or sea trout fillet, seasoned with pepper, is a delicacy and one of the foods with the most magnesium from the sea.

10. Rice, oat or wheat bran
In any case, grains of rice, wheat or refined oat flakes are one of the best foods rich in magnesium. They are also very satiating, so they do not require consumption in large quantities to increase the levels of this mineral in the blood.

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