After giving up some dates last month, Madonna announces that she is forced to stop her North American tour.

Pop star Madonna, 61, made it known through a video posted on her Instagram profile that she was suffering from ” an indescribable pain in the last few days “. Fans have been sympathetic to Madame X, the nickname she uses herself, but there was no shortage of criticism either.

The first pains in November

Already last month, between October and November, Madonna was forced to cancel some dates in Boston due to pain. She did not specify her reasons that led to this decision but some media had later leaked that it was a cruciate ligament problem . The star then decided to resume the tour once she got back in shape, but a few days ago she announced the decision to stop her North American tour.

In Miami I was in tears of pain

Under the video posted on the Instagram profile in which she announces that she has canceled some dates of her tour, Madonna writes a long post aimed at fans, explaining what happened to her. The star wrote: ” As I climbed the ladder to sing Batuka on Saturday night in Miami I was in tears of pain .” From the video, taken during the show, you can see the fatigue experienced by the star. She then goes on to say that with each song “ I prayed to get to the next one and end the show . The prayers were answered and I succeeded ”.

The star considers herself ” a warrior “, but admits she has to ” listen to my body and accept that pain is a warning .” She then tells herself she is deeply saddened to have to cancel the dates, apologizing to the fans. She talks about how the doctors warned her that ” if I want to continue the tour I have to rest as much as possible so as not to inflict further and irreversible damage to my body “.

She then admits that, although she has never allowed a pain to stop her, now ” I have to accept that there is no shame in being human and I have to press the pause button “.

The reaction of the fans after the announcement of Madonna

Most of Madonna’s followers have been sympathetic to her decision to cancel the North American tour. There were many messages of encouragement such as “ We love you! And now that she takes care of yourself , ”someone else said relieved to know what’s going on and that she’s okay. There have been numerous messages of support from other artists and musicians , including Asia Argento.

However, as always happens in these cases, there is no shortage of voices “out of the chorus” . There are those who accuse her saying that “ you should have warned earlier, not at 6 pm, many of your fans drive hours and hours to come and see you. We too have a life, pains and responsibilities ”.