Madrid: what to see in the city of Madrid

Everywhere Madrid is full of literature, poetry and music, so much so that it is itself a literary character.

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Capital of Spain , Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, intoxicating and passionate, one of those metropolises suspended between tradition and modernity. The charm of Madrid lies above all in its neighborhoods, the famous barrios , dotted with shops, bars, historic buildings and modern buildings, wineries and typical restaurants where you can delight in tasting the local specialties. But what most enchants people who visit Madrid is the diversity and liveliness of its neighborhoods and the atmosphere that you breathe while walking through the historic center and the comings and goings of tourists from all over the world. And then there are the museums, among the most important in Europe, the Royal Palace, and Plaza Mayor, which are just some of the most visited attractions in Madrid.

Madrid places of interest

The beating heart of the city is the historic center. Visiting Madrid is like going back in time, reliving the traditions of the place, and discovering the great cultural evolutions that have characterized this city.

What are the most important sights in Madrid?

Below we show you one by one the most beautiful places to see in Madrid:

  • Plaza Mayor , the icon of Madrid, a few steps from the Royal Palace and Puerta del Sol. This arcaded square is a bit of the symbol of Hapsburg Madrid: it was in fact built in the early 1600s where the market used to be most popular in the city. In addition to being the most famous square in Madrid , it is also the beating heart of Madrid’s nightlife . Crowded, day and night, Plaza Mayor with its countless picturesque and characteristic views, is today one of the most evocative squares in Europe.
  • Palacio Real,  also known as the Palace of the East, is today the official residence of the Spanish royal family. Imposing, majestic, elegant, the palace with its marvelous gardens, the enchanting halls and the splendid fresco by Corrado Giaquinto depicting the Spanish monarchy, is one of the main attractions of Madrid. For any information on timetables and prices you can consult the official website of the Royal Palace at the following link
  • Puerta del Sol , one of the most famous and most important squares in the Spanish capital. Visiting Puerta del Sol is like taking a walk in the heart of Madrid and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of other times, suspended between present and past. Just think of traditions such as that of the New Year’s chimes, a tradition linked to the famous clock of the “Casa de Correos” where every December 31st the arrival of the new year is celebrated by eating twelve grapes to the rhythm of the twelve tolling of the bell. In addition to the clock, Puerta del Sol also houses the statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, two of the elements present on the Madrid shield. And to conclude the renowned “Kilometer Cero”, the point from which all Spanish roads start and where tourists love to have their photos taken.
  • Gran Via , the most famous street in Madrid, is the one that connects the Salamanca district with the Arguelles district. Nerve center of Madrid, here you will find restaurants, clubs, shops and cinemas.

Madrid museums: the most beautiful to visit

Madrid is certainly one of the most beautiful cities of art to visit in Spain. The artistic and cultural charm is hidden above all in the museums that hosts the Spanish capital: from the Prado National Museum, known all over the world, to the Reina Sofia Museum, passing through the Wax Museum, the Naval Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, up to at the Madrid History Museum.

The most beautiful museums to visit in Madrid are mainly three:

  • Prado National Museum, one of the most important in the world, houses some of the most famous and most influential works of art such as Velazquez’s “Las Meninas” and Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”. On the museum’s official website you can find everything you are interested in knowing about the works of art, days, prices and times of visits;
  • Reina Sofia Museum , a treasure for lovers of modern and contemporary art. The real jewel of the collection is undoubtedly “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso. For more information on visits, you can consult the official website of the museum;
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum , the third largest museum in Madrid, most famous for its important private collections of paintings. On the official website of the museum you will find all the information you need for visits;

What to eat in Madrid: typical Spanish cuisine

In Madrid, as in all Spanish cities, the food is excellent and the prices are also quite cheap.

Spanish and Madrid cuisine is full of flavor and good taste and tasting the typical dishes of Madrid is the best way to get to know the culture of the city.

Whether you choose to eat tapas, or potato tortillas or cocido , know that your mouth will water every time as if it were the first time.

We have selected for you just some of the Madrid cuisine specialties to try on your trip to Madrid:

  • Tapas , the classic Spanish appetizers that accompany aperitifs, loved by people from Madrid, but also by tourists;
  • Tortillas , egg, potato and onion omelette, often topped with a spicy sauce and accompanied by a gustossima cerveza (beer);
  • Bocadillo de calamares , a sandwich filled with fried squid cut in the shape of a ring, topped with a little lemon and mayonnaise;
  • Huevos estrellados , one of Madrid’s typical dishes based on fried eggs, served with potatoes and Spanish ham.

Our journey to discover Madrid ends here. For your impressions of the capital of Spain, all you have to do is leave a comment here!